10 places on the planet that have yet been unexplored

There are still places on our planet where strange and inexplicable things happen. And although there are fewer of them (science doesn’t stand still), there are still some things that can really surprise you. For example, the virtual world of Gclub that offers a huge number of the most favorite and exciting games on slot machines, on virtual roulette, and in “gambler’s clubs”. There is an attractive bonus program for registration and defeats. The casino returns 10% of the loss amount to customers. The system transfers money from customers’ accounts without delay.

If you love everything inexplicable and mysterious, then the presented list will definitely appeal to you. And if you do not believe in paranormal phenomena and adhere to a purely skeptical point of view, we will welcome your opinion in the comments.

Ireland, an ancient Newgrange monument

Not far from Dublin hides the oldest (older than the Egyptian pyramids by as much as 700 years) monument. Scientists believe that this place is a tomb, but this is only one of the versions. According to another version, Newgrange was used as an observatory (during the winter solstice, the very first-morning ray penetrated through a special hole in the wall and illuminated the room from the inside).

It is still unknown exactly what the inscriptions on the stones mean, how, with what help this huge complex was built, and, most importantly, for what purposes.

The United Kingdom, Glastonbury hill and tower

The place is well known to fans of the tales of King Arthur. And it is not surprising, because it is believed that on a hill in the English County of Somerset, just where the tower of the medieval Church of St. Michael is located, there is an entrance to Avalon — a mythical world from Celtic legends, where the fairy Morgan lived and where king Arthur found his resting place.

According to the legend, in 1191, monks from Glastonbury Abbey found sarcophagi with the remains of Arthur and his wife, Guinevere. According to excavations, in the third century BC, there really was a large Celtic settlement. And because there were so many floods at that time, the hill turned into a hard-to-reach island.

At the moment, this place attracts various researchers of paranormal phenomena, which is not surprising. Now the tower and the hill are monuments of national significance.

Mexico, a desert with an abnormal zone of silence

The desert, located on the border of the States of Durango, Chihuahua, and Coahuila, can rightly be considered an anomalous zone. Here is:

• no mobile service available, 

• no radio 

• no audio signals penetrating this area. 

The same strange behavior and compass with a clock just do not work.

It is known that earlier, there was an ancient ocean. Scientists studying the phenomenon have come to only one conclusion: something is jamming the signal, but what exactly is still unknown. As happens in such situations, the desert immediately became overgrown with myths, one of which proclaims the disappearance of aircraft to the appearance of UFOs. But the mystery has not yet been solved.

The USA, the legend of the Winchester mystery house

The house was built in 1884 by the widow of William Winchester (son of Oliver Winchester, inventor of the rifle of the same name), Sarah. According to the legend, the widow, tormented by the curse that befell her family by the will of all those killed by weapons created by her relative, turned to a medium who advised her to build a house so that she could hide in it from angry spirits.

Following this advice, Sarah began building the most famous Ghost house in the United States. The layout was bizarre, with stairs leading to nowhere, and Windows where they didn’t belong.

In fact, all of the widow’s huge funds were invested in the construction and permanent alteration of a large mansion. The rooms were changed according to her own plans. It is noteworthy that the builders were not professionals, but ordinary workers, whom she paid for a long period of time.

UK, village Pluckley 

Perhaps, it is one of the most famous Ghost villages in England. It even made it into the Guinness Book of world records in 1989 for this reason. According to the legend, on the road from Pluckley to Maltman’s hill, you can meet a ghostly carriage, encounter the spirit of the Colonel in the pasture, and so on. There are only 12 such stories, but the number of otherworldly personalities living in Pluckley increases.

This village still attracts all Ghostbusters. It is not known why such activity is manifested in this place, but, according to eyewitnesses, what they met, really does not lend itself to any scientific explanation.

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