What’s The Deal With The Muppets?

There is a new Muppets show that has come to Disney+. Yes, the Muppets are another property owned by Disney. I’m sure there are many people excited for that. The Muppets are beloved pop culture entity, and they have been for decades at this point. There have been TV shows and movies and reboot after reboot. Voiceover artists have come and gone. Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, passed away many years ago at this point. Folks love the Muppets. While I will check out this new Disney+ show, I’m not super hyped. The truth is, I’ve never really gotten into the Muppets.

Sorry Kermit. My apologies, Gonzo. That dude who throws fish? I can only saw I’m sorry. This is not to say I haven’t engaged with the Muppets. As a kid I watched Muppet Babies and The Muppet Show. I’ve seen several of the movies, though The Muppet Movie is the only one I’ve watched in full as an adult. Though I have not seen the new films, with your Jason Segals and what have you, I did watch that sitcom for adults on ABC that was a mockumentary in the vein of The Office. A lot of people despised it, but I kind of liked it. However, that may be because I’m not a Muppets fan. I don’t hold Kermit sacred. I have no investment in the characters and “how they should be.” My beef with the mockumentary show was that it wasn’t terribly funny and they kept trying to revamp it midstream.

Is it that I don’t care about puppets or puppetry? Perhaps. In truth, I just don’t think they’ve ever made a strong comedy with the Muppets. They tend to be a bit corny and cheesy. Yeah, they try to be family friendly, but I’ve seen family friendly stuff I really liked. I don’t care about Kermit. He doesn’t mean anything to me. He’s just a green felt frog. Frankly, I just have never seen the appeal. Well, I did as a kid. Now, as an adult, the Muppets just fall flat to me. They are a massive cultural entity that I am aware of, and that makes me at least somewhat intrigued with what they are doing with the brand. Some of the Muppets’ output has been good. I hold out hope. Maybe this new Disney+ show will be really fun. What I expect, though, is more “decent enough” comedy and a little bit of fun. Something has to be better than that mockumentary eventually, right?

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