Ranking The Top 20 Characters From ‘The Office’

Look, it’s the end of July. There are barely any new movies coming out. The TV landscape is sparse as well. They are having to show reruns of Jeopardy!. I fear the day that there is no new episode of Chopped in a given week. That’s my own personal Waffle House index. All I have to do at this point is revisit old movies and TV shows I’m already familiar with. I’m just going to jump in right now. I’m going to rank my top 20 characters from The Office.

This is murky territory on the internet, I know. Everybody seems to love The Office. I love it too, but I am not as dedicated to it as others. Although, I started watching it while it was airing its second season, so I was an early adapter. I have spent many an hour with the folks from Dunder-Mifflin. I have been thinking about this series for years upon years. Do I have opinions on my favorite Office characters? Of course I do! Are they basically all characters from the early days of the show when Michael was still around and the show was significantly better? You bet! Alright, it’s time to rip the bandage off. Your mileage may vary, but these are the top 20 Office characters as far as I’m concerned.

20. Cousin Mose

19. Stanley Hudson

18. David Wallace

17. Karen Filippelli

16. Oscar Martinez

15. Holly Flax

14. Daryl Philbin

13. Kelly Kapoor

12. Toby Flenderson

11. Andy Bernard

10. Angela Martin

9. Ryan Howard

8. Kevin Malone

7. Erin Hannon

6. Creed Bratton

5. Pam Beesly

4. Jan Levinson

3. Jim Halpert

2. Dwight Schrute

1. Michael Scott

There we have it. The top two were easy, then the next few were clear to me in some order. Honestly, everybody after Erin is sort of glommed together. This was also a little tricky because The Office was not great at keeping characterizations steady. People would suddenly start acting different, even if only for an episode or two. I feel like there were four different versions of Andy. That’s partially why he ended up where he was. On the other hand, I always liked Jan, but when she went off the deep end she became a great character.

Enough of my opinions. If you have your own thoughts on The Office’s top characters, now is the time to air your grievances.

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