Question Of The Week: Movie Rewatches

The current situation we find ourselves in is the prompt for the question of the week this week. Finding new stuff to watch has gotten trickier. I have not gotten so desperate as to try Floor is Lava yet. Because of this, there has been the pull to rewatch things. If there is nothing new to watch, might as well watch something that is good, right? In fact, just the other day I watched Knives Out for the third time, my first time at home. So what I am asking you this week is, how many times do you normally watch a movie you really like?

Some people are huge rewatch fans. Any movie that you enjoy you can watch over and over. I’m not one of those folks. If a movie isn’t good, obviously I’m not watching it again. Honestly, the same goes for movies that are merely good. If a movie is solid, once is enough. There isn’t enough there to warrant a second watch. If a movie rises to the level of being really good, if I end up really liking it, there is a decent chance I’ll watch it a second time. That’s especially true if it is complex or original. Like, say, if it is a mystery movie, it’s usually fun to watch it again knowing how all the pieces fit. Any movie I see that is great I always try and watch a second time. I usually don’t object to a third watch, especially for something like Knives Out. Beyond that, though? It’s rare for me to watch a movie more than three times. There are films I will throw on for a few minutes several times, especially if it is a movie that’s on TV a lot. Only my absolutely favorite movies get more than three watches. That’s by and large my limit.

What about you? Are you one and done, even if you love a movie? Can you watch a good but unremarkable movie on repeat? What’s your rewatch philosophy?

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