Nose thread lift: a non-surgical, safe, and effective way to achieve your dream nose

In Singapore, beauty procedures have matured into something more and more mainstream in the last decade. Previously, having your looks surgically improved was something that could very well invite strange looks. Despite all that, aesthetic procedures definitely have people who dislike it. Yet another cause of medical aesthetics’ meteoric ascent in acceptance resulted due to the advancement of medtech, granting medical practitioners to deliver improved outcomes with lesser pain and more rapid processes. The age of accessibility had finally landed on the medical aesthetic treatments industry, and women are loving every inch of it.

Non-surgical nose lift

The nose is obviously one of the top parts of the face that a lot of women are insecure about. Good thing that nowadays, augmenting the nose can easily be done over lunch time. How? Through nose threadlifting!

Nose threadlifting ( is a non-surgical procedure that uses mono and barbed threads that are safe for use in the body. These threads measure around 3.8 cm to 7 cm. When inserted into the nose, they are able to improve the height of the nose bridge, make it slimmer, and even transform that bulging and unflattering tip into a much sharper and finer end. In Singapore, nose threadlift being a safer option to nose fillers, is a non-invasive aesthetic method that can enhance the shape of the nose.



Skinboosters are a common widely used to treat the skin and supply it the elasticity and hydration girls crave. Commonly injected into spots of the eye, therapies like restylane return the look of reduced wrinkles. Skinboosters belong to a minimally invasive treatment which has to be administered only in clinics and not beauty spas due to the specialized techniques necessary to perform the injections. The key compound, HA, is a substance which is secreted even in our bodies, and is attributed to be essential for maintaining elasticity in our tissues. Brands akin to Ellanse have an amazing hydration result on the body. Something more surprising about treatments such as ellanse is that these products go on delivering benefits to the patient 18 days. For ladies that get delayed swelling or itching, it may not be a typical case and you are advised to return to your doctor. You should expect to spend six hundred for a one treatment of skinbooster treatment.


A well-known cosmetic enhancement 1st originating in the world of Korean cosmetic products, Rejuran is an acclaimed aesthetic enhancement applied to treat the signs of getting on in years and enhance the quality of skin.

Originating from the Asian makeup world, Rejuran is a prominent procedure that has enormous outcomes on a woman’s skin. Rejuran has a chemical mixture known as PDRN. The changes are wonderful, with end results as impressive as marks smoothening, increased skin elasticity and even increased skin suppleness and brightness.

 A program of Rejuran injections will cause discoloration and bruising on the treatment areas, because of the skin punctures that were performed. Differing from each person, these signs should recover within a week. Patients planning to do Rejuran are firmly advised to undergo Rejuran only on a date and time where they don’t need to go out too frequently.

Cost of a Rejuran injection: $350-$450

Breast Enlargement Operation

Breasts, or the perkiness, are the foundation of pride for ladies anywhere. Bust enhancement is a surgical procedure that specialists in medical beauty surgical treatments employ to a woman’s boob size. Multiple common method, a medical professional in cosmetic surgery will insert silicone carefully into the boobs. Do not bank on boob surgery to be easily affordable! The average Ministry-of-Health qualified doctors cannot carry out this surgery while only plastic surgery specialists in Singapore are granted permission to perform bust implants. Singapore has very clear, distinct and tight laws enforced by the government to control aesthetic surgery. Boob enhancement can be costly and plastic surgeons charge at least ten grand. Elite breast surgeons are said to cost around SGD 28K for this type of service.

Pico lasers

PICO lasers are now counted as among the most hotly searched for aesthetic phrases on the internet. It is common to see picolasers employed in the removal of inks and other manifestations of pigmentation, but the wide applicability of picolasers have also appeared in various different classes of treatments, like skin tightening.

Patients suited to receive picosecond laser procedures include patients with sun spots, liver spots.

By discharging pulses of laser energy in picoseconds, picolasers can wholly fragment dark spots or pigmentations on the human skin. Your system then removes the pieces of fragmented pigmented cells through the immune system. The power and intensity of the pico laser designates it a regulated procedure restricted to licenced aesthetic doctors may provide in Singapore. The wide adaptability of the settings on different types of pico laser machines also signify that differing the many outputs can be controlled for the optimal results tailored to the person. There is no downtime from pico laser procedures and persons undergoing picosecond laser treatments are fit to get back to work and also regular actions at once after the procedure. Some may notice some redness immediately following treatment, but should go away in a few hours. Picolasers are billed according to the duration of the session and how big of an area that needs treatment. Be prepared to fork out $350 and upwards for a small area.

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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