Angel Olsen Is Back On Track With “Whole New Mess”

While I liked Angel Olsen’s 2019 album All Mirrors, and very much enjoyed seeing her on tour in support of that album, it was a bit of a step down in my mind from her previous album My Woman, which was fantastic. It got a little too into the whole “torch song” vibe and didn’t quite click with me as well, though Olsen still has a beautiful voice, of course. Olsen already has a new album scheduled to come out this month, Whole New Mess, less than a year after All Mirrors. No, Olsen has suddenly gotten incredibly prolific. The album primarily features reworking of songs from All Mirrors. It’s all worth it, though, for the title song off the album, which is new and incredible.

“Whole New Mess” is back in the style of Olsen’s work that I love. It feels a little fragile, maybe even a little ramshackle, but it never loses its momentum. The sound is less lush, but Olsen’s voice is still gorgeous and powerful. I dig this song a ton. I even watched a YouTube video of Olsen performing the song on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and I can’t stand Fallon. I’m listening to it again as I write this. The guitar on “Whole New Mess” is just beautiful.

If Whole New Mess sounds like “Whole New Mess,” this album is going to kill it. At the moment, “Whole New Mess” is probably already in my top five songs of the year. Don’t waste another second. Check it out now.

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