Why is cosplay important?

Wonder what cosplay is? Cosplay is a form of entertainment, and a role-play of characters, where the participants, popularly known as cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories of a particular character and represent them. These characters include many variations like anime, cartoons, comics, books, manga, television series, video games, etc. Cosplay has become a popular culture ever since it’s occurrence around the 1990s. It was started as a culture in Japan, and gradually it took over the western world. The Japanese gave the very term ‘cosplay.’

All of us, have had our fair share of favorite shows from childhood, we were best friends with anime characters, cartoon characters and we were sure to buy anime merchandise to celebrate those characters and keep their memoirs with us. Apart from that, with the changing time, television was flooded with multiple numbers of shows with different genres.

Why use Cosplay?

It is a treat to find people with the same taste in anime and TV shows. That’s one of the most crucial reasons why cosplay is essential. It is like a community where people with a multitude of varied tastes come together in cosplay costumes. All you have to do is keep an eye for your favorite character’s costume, and instantly you’ll make a friend. A lot of people are shy in general and have difficulty in finding people or connecting with them. Cosplay is just the right platform for introverts as well. Cosplay costumes can help to fight their insecurities about themselves and even with their body-shaming issues. It builds fellowship as you find people who love the same thing as you.

Adults are jam-packed with their responsibilities and work-load of daily life. They seldom get the chance to live stress-free and express their inner-child. 9-5 work lives of adults have taken away happiness and joy from them. Cosplay costumes have returned the fun element in their lives.

How is Cosplay different than others?

People of all group, age, sex gets to dress up in colorful costumes and carry fantastic merchandise, playing games, and just enjoying themselves, forgetting about everything. It’s a great stress buster, taking out time out of your busy schedule, portraying your favorite character. It brings out your creativity, as you can design your costume and stand out. All in all, it’s like taking a holiday from your life taking a vacation.

Cosplay does not discriminate, as already mentioned before, people from different communities come together to participate in this. Everyone has their explanations of their favorite characters or tv shows; no race or gender is marginalized or looked down upon. It is a place where all of them exchange new ideas, new interpretations, and all of them are accepted.

Moreover, costumes are not mandatory-you can even put on your favorite super-hero t-shirt on the go and celebrate. It gives you confidence because you can be whoever you want if you are a guy wanting to dress up like a girl or vice-versa; there’s no extra pressure in that. It is, in a way, very liberating without the fear of being judged. You can re-create superhero characters with your friends, or you can simply become bonny and Clyde with your significant another half, and if you don’t find anyone to go with, you can just run solo. Even books and memes have started to show up in cosplays. You can also dress up as your favorite character of a book or just walk in imitating a meme and make some people laugh.


Many people have stated that they got a long-term friend, the type of person they always wanted to meet because of cosplay. Very few people heard of cosplay earlier, but now it is a subculture, more so because you could only meet your dream characters in places like Disney land or rarely at amusement parks. It was not an affordable option for all, and it had an age bar.

Cosplay has broken that barrier and allowed everyone to have fun together, poor-rich, kids-adults. Your passion for entertainment is well-expressed in cosplay, and it widens your horizons, regular cosplay participants admit that it pushed them to become more creative and produce things that they did not think of, early in life. So, without any hesitation, if you are, an enthusiast join cosplay and let others know about it.

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