Using CNC Turned Parts When Designing and Prototyping Products

Turned parts are always in need, in a wide variety of industries. They are durable and most companies that handle CNC machining can create parts to any specifications that clients may have. The downside with them is the fact that it can often take a long time to create a large number of parts, making this method inefficient for anything else other than prototyping and large-scale manufacturing and assembly lines.

This having been said, those who are either designing or prototyping a new product and need complex, durable parts, will find that CNC machining is one of the better options currently available.

Highly durable parts cut to specifications

Designing and properly prototyping a new product requires components that are precisely cut to specifications and durable enough to endure a wide variety of testing methods. Machine turning is somewhat more expensive than other types of part manufacturing, such as injection moulding, however, it offers the highest precision and durability of all the options that are currently available.

CNC turning can use a wide variety of materials, from plastics such as ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, and PVC to metals like aluminium, zinc, copper, and even stainless steel. From a technical point of view, CNC turning can be used to produce almost any part, and some companies may even agree to make ones that have moving pieces.

Affordable prices

Although CNC turning is somewhat more expensive than other methods of making parts, it is affordable enough for entrepreneurs to use while designing or prototyping products. This is due to the fact that these processes only require a small number of parts, however, the ones that are needed have to be perfect.

CNC machining produces accurately cut parts that are easy to assemble and as durable as they would be in the finished product.

Complex part structure

While injection moulding does allow extremely complex parts to be created, these are usually not durable enough to withstand much testing. Furthermore, parts are often brittle and require a lot of care when assembling the prototype.

On the other hand, the durability offered by machined pieces and the recent integration of A.I. applications into the manufacturing process makes it possible to cut complex parts that can be easily transferred from one product prototype iteration to the next, as long as they still fit. This can cut down design costs because it essentially makes parts reusable.

Delivered to your doorstep

The best way to get CNC machined parts by subcontracting a CNC turning company that handles everything from manufacturing the parts to delivery. Some may even agree to handle minor assembly processes. Furthermore, you can send the specifications through email and the companies will send the parts directly to your front door. This will save you a lot of time in the long run, especially if you have a small team.

A quick machining option for fast manufacturing processes

CNC machining is fast, efficient and it produces remarkably durable components that can be used in a wide variety of products. While it may not be as affordable as injection moulding, the process is cheap enough to use during the early stages of the product development process.

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