LifeOfThaParti’s Success In The Music Industry Was Determined By His Capacity To Build His Own Brand And Network For Himself: Find Out More About This Up And Coming Artist

Joshua Wendell Grant, also known as “LifeOfThaParti”, is a recording artist and composer, born in the city of Los Angeles and currently living in the state of Texas. He likes traveling, seeing new places, meeting people, and of course, making music.  

When it comes to music, some producers and writers are dedicated to one genre. But this is not the case of LifeOfThaParti, since he is very versatile with the type of music he makes. 

I do all kinds of music. I don’t like to consider myself a style. I make music for parties, serious music, and hard music. Music that gets you in the middle of a mosh pit or it relaxes you and you just want to smoke. It’s all about the mood or vibe I am in. To be honest, I’d call it new wave hip-hop.” LifeOfThaParti explains.

LifeOfThaParti is also a sports fan. He loves football, basketball and soccer. He supports the Golden State Warriors and in football the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, he used to be a football player back in high school, and was ranked in the top 40 on max preps in his cornerback position. 

After he could not play football anymore, LifeOfThaParti started to get involved in music. He was surrounded by friends who were artists, and was able to see their process.

“My friends actually inspired me. I saw how they wrote their rhythms, recorded a studio album, filmed a visual or did a show and then saw a finished project. I fell in love with the whole process, with the time and art that you can put into a film and the director controls how it goes.” LifeOfThaParti explains.

Everyone has a dream that we want to fulfill and for LifeOfThaParti his dream was to have the same lifestyle as his favorite artists. This ultimately motivated him to enter the music industry

But in the music industry, like in any other, there are challenges. For LifeOfThaParti the biggest challenge he saw in the industry was networking.

“Building connections comes easy for some people and for some it does not. I feel like a lot of artists struggle to fund themselves or market themselves. Many struggle getting big features with producers or just having confidence in themselves.” He says.

Despite the challenges, LifeOfThaParti never got discouraged, in part because he had the right mindset from the beginning, which he says is crucial when starting a business.

“When starting a business you have to go into it with a positive mindset and being open to learning. I feel like everything can go downhill, and so you need a Plan A, Plan B, C, and D. You need to see what works for you and what does not work for you.” LifeOfThaParti adds. “Your mindset can determine how successful your business can be.”

In fact, his advice to those trying to start their own music career is to start their own music and keep going. There will be days where people may want to quit, but they have to keep going. 

“Look at your career as a resume you are building for the job. The more experience and time you have on that resume the better it looks.” LifeOfThaParti advises. “Also, get out and meet people. Don’t hide behind social media all day. Go out to events, clubs, bars, whatever it is you like to do, and talk to people to promote yourself. Networking is key.”

It may always be better to do things in the company of someone who can bring you new ideas and introduce you to other people, but there are times when it is better to go for things alone, even if it means that it will take longer or perhaps be a little more difficult.

This is how LifeOfThaParti was able to overcome his biggest obstacle, which was being able to build his own brand without any team. He was able to make a name for himself by funding himself and making his own connections, using his personality as an asset.

“What makes me different is my personality. I am very outgoing and a peoples person. I don’t look at myself any different than my fans. We all have dreams and goals. I’m just like them going after mine, and I can relate with a lot of people.” LifeOfThaParti shares. “A lot of artists keep it straight business or don’t take that next step to really connect with their fines, but I do like to build relationships.”

LifeOfThaParti started out of G.E.D, getting every dollar with a label started by an artist named GaTa. Throughout his career, LifeOfThaParti has worked with many Gramm award nominated songwriters and modeled for a few professional brands.

LifeOfThaParti’s next project is called “on the clock”, and features other artists like music affiliate Maibach and other big names. He also has a few singles lined up that will surely be appreciated by his fans.  Find out more here.

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