Apple Calendar has a Great Outlook

With changing times, there has also been a change in the utilisation of different operating systems, like that of a shift from Microsoft Windows to iOS, which belongs to Apple Inc. There are several operational differences in the two operating systems, with the calendar of Apple being different from that of others. The whole operating system of Apple has got several different features such as other types on emoticons, a different texting and messaging experience altogether, a different way with various other features on the phone.

One of the most interesting features of Apple Inc., happens to be that of the calendar which is used by a lot of people. It has been one of the most important ways in which events can be set and decided upon.

Accessing the Calendar

The Apple Calendar icon is where you will be going to access your calendar, which means you can typically find on your MacBook dock. The first best feature of your Apple Calendar is that the app icon itself will be changing to match the date of the particular day. Once this app opens, you automatically will be shown an entirely new view of the current month. However, you can always have the option to change up the looks of it.

Know what you prefer

Your preferences will be the place where you go for almost anything. Whether you have questions, or for trying something new or to make changes, this is the place you will go.

All of your settings

The four pages; General, Accounts, Alerts, and Advanced will be your home away from home. You will also know the preferences when you learn what fits best to your needs. Your general settings is where you should be referring to the most to differentiate up things in your calendar.

Default app of the calendar

You have the option to use a different calendar app as your main. You can change this to Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar, and others. Change it as many times as you want, but the default as Calendar will work properly since it’s most compatible.

Days of the week

Apple Calendar offers you two options for your week display, which is from five or seven days. Usually, seven is always a good choice so you can be planning for more fun activities for the weekends to come.

Default calendar app

Believe it or not, you have the option to use a different calendar app as your default. You can change this to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and any other type. Change it as much as you like and want to, but the default as calendar by apple will always work the best since it’s the most compatible with that of Apple.

Days of the week

How many days of the week will you work on? One or two days would essentially be nice. But, you cannot fool the calendar. It offers you two options for your week display, which is five or seven days. Usually, seven is the best choice so you can plan for better and fun activities for the weekends.

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