Mark Lutchman And How To Build A Personal Brand Via Social Media Engagement

Social media has the power to make or break almost anyone. It can be a source of great joy, or a weapon that if people use it properly, can cause great harm and depression. In this day and age, marketing and social media is all about attention. It’s about the eyes on the screen, and whoever does that well and monetizes it well, can become powerful and wealthy. Mark Lutchman is not someone who finds his identity through the approval of others. Mark shares some of his secrets about mindset and about building a personal brand below. 

We are going to discuss an entrepreneur and writer who built his career through social media and marketing. Let’s check it out. 


Mark Lutchman

Home town:

Levittown, Puerto Rico


Writer, entrepreneur

 Life story:

Mark was born in Levittown Puerto Rico, where his mother who is from Trinidad, a single parent, raised him. At a very young age, the family immigrated to America, and until grade 9, Mark went to catholic private school. He completed his schooling from a public school. He also joined the Army National Guard to serve as a National Guardsman. 

He started to create patriotic content and soon found that not only was he good at it, but people really enjoyed watching it. Mark is an advocate for personal development and tolerance over hate. That is why he never tries to victimize anyone. Mark acts out of a mindset of control and not a victims mentality. He accepts personal responsibility for all his failures as well as successes.

He also said:

“Also, I realize that I am not entitled to anything in this world. Anything that I earn or have, I am extremely blessed to have and am thankful for whatever I have. But, nobody owes me anything. And I can’t expect anyone to give me a handout. The only thing I can expect is to go out and earn what it is I want and have”.

We asked Mark what gives him purpose and direction. He  mentioned that the Bible is a book that influences his soul. When it comes to meeting famous people, Mark has met a few that have influenced him. He also met with many political people, and one of the most memorable incidents was the meeting with Donald Trump Junior. 

Social media:

As a social media personality; he knows the importance of social media in his life. He is also active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where you can follow him. If you are also interested in following him and reading and or watching  his work- click the links below for access:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marklutchman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelutchmanreport/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marklutchman/?hl=en

Mark Lutchman is a personal brand builder, entrepreneur and American patriot. Follow him on social to learn about all that he is passionate about. 

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