Jorge Leal Kirchbach: Tourism as a Source of Income Globally

For Jorge Leal Kirchbach, an expert on economic and tourism issues, the tourism industry is a primary source of income for any country or region, and it is necessary to promote it to reactivate the economy after the health crisis currently experienced due to Covid-19.

“In times of crisis, as in this pandemic, we need to generate an offer in accordance with the new operating protocols, facilitate access by land, air and sea, and encourage businesspeople with economic packages that help them overcome the crisis and promote a safe, high-quality and sustainable destination with the environment,” Jorge Leal Kirchbach assured.

In addition, Jorge Leal Kirchbach announced that it will provide aid to tourism companies for their reactivation in Mexico. The support will be granted through eight federal programs focused mainly on micro, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Given this, Leal Kirchbach, who is also a businessman, emphasized the importance of joint ventures between the public and private sectors in Mexico and the rest of the world.

“Lastly, a new relationship must be established between the company, the government and society that allows us to face future crises from a strategic position,” Jorge Leal Kirchbach said.

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