It’s All About Emotion For Senior

Senior’s music comes straight from the heart. He pours 100% of his true feelings and experiences into his lyrics and melody to deliver an authentic musical experience that tugs on listeners’ heartstrings with a gentle intensity. 

For Senior (James William Awad), music is all about connection. He started singing in high school. His first experience, however, was a tough rejection when he was denied an opportunity to perform. 

That did not discourage the young artist. He channeled his experiences, stories, hardship, and triumphs in life and business and poured it into his music. 

Senior went through a lot to arrive at the place where he is today. 

He didn’t start with much else but his cellphone. Senior never set foot in a studio. He built one in his basement and recorded his first single, “Alexandra,” with the help of a friend. 

His music was received extremely well on social media which was very encouraging to the artist who had recorded a full album. 

Through his music, Senior wants to celebrate life. An advocate for love, this has been the driving force behind everything he does, and can truly be felt through his melodic beats. 

His inspiration comes naturally which is why his fans can relate to him so well. 

Senior is dedicated to expressing the intricate emotions of love and raw, real experiences throughout all of his work. 

Look out for the release of his upcoming songs “Alexandra” and “Trust in me.” He will start releasing these August 15th. 

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