☀️Hi Aditi,  welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi, glad to be here! I’ve been doing good. Of course, Corona’s hard but I’m keeping myself busy.

☀️Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Alien”?

Yes, definitely. I released “Alien”, which is a part of my EP, on July 1st, on all the major music platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud. “Alien” is just a very valuable song to me, as an artist. It’s the first song I’ve written that’s been released in any major way, so it has a special spot in my heart. And “Alien” is also about on a topic that I feel really strongly about. Yes, I do think we don’t appreciate uniqueness and unique people enough, and I think we pretend to be someone else to fit in. And the beauty of songs are just that you can vent out your innermost thoughts and feelings and share them with other people, without sounding preachy or anything, just as this emotional connect between you and people you’ve never met before.

☀️Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

There was no particular event, to be honest, but I guess being alienated in school was my main inspiration. I’ve never fit in and I always feel like an intruder and an outsider. It’s like everyone knows this secret language I’m not let in on, and it can get really lonely. I guess I wrote “Alien” as a way to communicate to people who feel the same way I do, and to just say that there’s nothing wrong with us, and we should embrace our differences. If people think we’re weird, that’s their problem. And the funny thing is that most of us have felt alienated and secluded at least once in our lives, it’s something I think so many people can relate to. So, we’re really not alone, we’re together on this.

☀️Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

I don’t plan to release an official video, but I did release a lyric video on YouTube.

☀️How was the recording and writing process?

I can say it was really fun. The writing process was really cool because I was just spilling everything I’ve bottled up on paper and it felt like a big weight taken off my shoulders. I love writing songs in general, so this felt great. I’m working with A&R Worldwide and I can say that they helped me get my lyrics to their optimum potential. The recording process was really enjoyable too. Like, the people I was working with were real professionals and they gave me so many tips to optimise the feelings the song gave out and the harmonies and just everything, and that made it even better. I really like being in the studio because it’s such a professional environment and when it’s your own song, the feeling is incomparable.

☀️What role does India play in your music?

Musically speaking, India does not play a major role. I’m not influenced by Bollywood music, I don’t listen to it, and I’m not very knowledgeable about it. I’m into English / western music. But I do owe something to India, because I started singing here and I’ve developed into a major artist in India. Every opportunity I’ve gotten has been from India. So, India has played a big role in making me the artist I am today. 

☀️How do you go on balancing your Opera background with your much modern sensibilities?

That’s a pretty good question. Well, I’m classically trained and the technique I’ve learnt is something I use a lot in pop as well. The opera technique is something I always use when I hit the high notes, and yes, it sounds different in pop but it’s technically the same thing. I’m really grateful for my opera background because it’s really helped me find my own unique way of singing, and it’s given me a healthy way of doing it. So, I know I wouldn’t be able to sing the way I do without opera. 

☀️Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Yes, you can definitely expect new material. I have two more songs, both written by me, coming up this year. They’re both a part of my EP.

☀️Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Yes, my next release is called ‘Glass’ and I’m going to release it somewhere between September and October. It’s about finally dissolving your facade and having the courage to be yourself. 

☀️Any plans to hit the road?

No, not yet. That’s the dream.

☀️What else is happening next in ADITI’ world?

Well, I’m actually in the process of writing new material which I can hopefully release sometime in 2021. I have a lot to say about the world and I really want to express myself and what I think. My life goal is basically to get a major record deal and to make it as a successful popstar, and I know that’s hard so I’m going to keep making new stuff and trying my best.

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