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How To Remove Driveway Sealer From Concrete

Driveway sealer is applied on concrete so that it can withstand the UV damage and the damage caused by water. Even there are wear and tear due to long term use and exposure to natural elements also causes damage. However, there may be times when you have to remove the driveway sealer due to varied reason. There may be flakes at different spots on the driveway or there may be development of holes that makes it necessary to remove the sealer.

Sometimes you may want to use concrete stain on the driveway. Whatever the situation is you have to remove the best paver sealer. The task of removing the driveway sealer is not easy. You will require a chemical stripper for doing so along with right tools. You will also require plenty of time for completing the task as it is a time consuming job. So, do not take it when you are in hurry.

Removing Driveway sealer from concrete

Once you have the chemical stripper handy you can start the job by following the steps mentioned below. You will also need a high pressure washer so that you can wash off the chemical and residue after everything is done. Do not forget to have some protective gears for yourself.

Step 1

You must remove any dust or dirt from the surface of the concrete where you want to remove the sealer. For this you must sweep the area properly. If the area is not so big then you can use a damp clean cloth that will help in making the area totally free of any dust or dirt. Now wear boots, gloves, nose mask and safety googles so that the chemical stripper does not do any harm to your body.

Step 2

Its time to apply the chemical stripper. For this pour some stripper over the area and then spread it totally with the help of a old broom or large squeegee.

Step 3

In order to make the chemical stripper work on the sealer you must leave it for at least 15 minutes on the sealer.

Step 4

After about 15 minutes take a paint scraper and use it for scarping the concrete surface. You have to scrap out both the chemical stripper as well as the sealer. If the area of the driveway is too large then you must divide it in small section and do gradually.

As the sealer will be coming up you can see the rough looking concrete beneath it. If you find that the sealer is not coming out properly then you can apply some more chemical stripper and wait again for 15 more minutes. Then you have to repeat the same process again.

Step 5

Once the sealer comes out you can take the high pressure washer and spray water over the rea you have just cleaned. This will remove any small debris staying over there. Of you do not have high pressure washer do not worry, you can use your hose pipe for doing so.

Step 6

Take a bucket and mix 50 per cent all-purpose detergent and 50 per cent warm water. Then make a sop solution with it.

Step 7

Throw the soap solution over the concrete surface. Agitate the area for about 10 minutes so that any residue left over there is cleaned.

Step 8

After the area is cleaned with the help of soap water you have to take the water hose pipe again. Wash the area with water again and again till you find the concrete base totally clean. Once done you are ready with fresh concrete to apply any sealer again.

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