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Double Glazed Windows: An Insight

It´s a growing trend you´ll find in every construction-dedicated company in the world. Double glazed windows are here to stay. As every new element coming into the mix, though, we can say that it has supporters, detractors, and imitations. This blog post will intend to dissipate all your doubts and allow you to make a wise decision about your future purchase.

Are you ready to understand exactly what these new windows can do to your home? Then get comfortable and read on, because we are about to start.

Double glazed Windows

Let´s start from the very beginning by defining the term clearly so you don´t have any doubts about it throughout the article. Double glazed windows are the result of combining two panes of glass and separate them by a gap. That gap can be either filled with air or pressurized and then filled with a gas such as argon.

Why should you install them in your house?

Now that it is clear what a doubleglazed window is it´s time to answer the most important question: “why should I get one?” Well, we put together a list of the three most important benefits of these windows. They are of course not reduced to this count but these can be considered as the main ones.

Reduce noise

This is one of the first aims of customers installing double glazed windows: reducing noise. For example, if you have a beautiful balcony in your apartment but the streets three floors below are too noisy, you can isolate it. In fact, double glazed windows offer an isolation power that can compare to that of a single wall. In this case scenario, you would have the perfect view of the horizon while seating on a silent apartment. You can also install them inside the house to keep bedrooms, studios, and other parts of your home quiet while the kids play in the kitchen.

Increase energy efficiency

The world doesn´t need a battalion of AC machines on in the summer. Also, it can hardly bear the consumption of millions of heaters through the winter. With double glazing windows, the efficiency of the energy you use to heat or cool your house can be further enhanced. The less energy escapes through the window, the less effort you´ll have to make to keep yourself and your family warm. The same thing happens on the opposite season keeping your house better tempered all year long spending less. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it.


Having double glazed windows can be an invitation for burglars to leave immediately. Upon seeing they have to cut through two windows probably filled with gas they´ll be less likely to make an attempt. They will just go to your neighbours who decided not to put double glazed windows on their house.

Differences with laminated glass

Many people tend to confuse double glazing windows with laminated glass but the difference between them is huge. Laminated glass is simply two pieces of glass put together usually with a piece of plastic material in between. This is, by the book, single glazing. It is the gap in the middle (while in the same frame) that makes isolation much better in double glazed windows.

Let’s talk about secondary glazing

The big difference between secondary glazing and double glazing is that the glass panes are not on the same frame. This is to say you´re going to try to replicate the benefits mentioned above installing two windows instead of one. Secondary glazing has to be done with two frames to contain two panes of glass, whereas in double glazing windows, they share the same frame. Also, it is a common practice not to use actual glass in this technique but some sort of plastic replacement.


If you were to install, let´s say, a sliding double glazed windows in your kitchen that faces the street, it should be double glazed. The reasons are simple: you´ll be better isolated from noise, safer, and will keep your house warmer or cooler with less energetic effort. Double glazed windows are the solution that the worldneeds for a greener future.

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