Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano Set to Reprise Their Roles in Upcoming “Who’s the Boss” Sequel

It was bound to happen: Reunion shows of beloved sitcoms and their iconic characters have always had a special place in television aficionado’s hearts, even when the end-results of said reunions are often times a mixed bag, to say the least. For every successful reboot/return such as the belated The X-Files Season 10 or Star Trek: Picard there are dozens of stink bombs that should never had resurfaced in any shape form or fashion. Still the Beaver – the revival of the classic 1950s-early 60s sitcom Leave it to Beaver – still gives this reviewer night terrors and the less said about AfterMASH the better in my household. Still, hope springs eternal…

The scallywags over at The Hollywood Reporter are at it again with a scoop guaranteed to flash your Generation X sensibilities back to the halcyon days of jelly shoes, parachute pants and Freezy Freakies. I’m referring to the news that an honest-to-Pete revival –or reboot, update, retcon, sequel, etc. – of the classic ABC family sitcom Who’s the Boss is upon us and being delivered piping hot and fresh courtesy of the gremlins at Sony who have commissioned this follow-up.

 Some of you reading this trifle of an article may not recall Who’s the Boss, the sitcom which ran from 1984 until 1992 and that’s where ye olde writer’s misspent youth will now serve you in good stead, Humble Readers. For I spent an unhealthy amount of the 1980s and early 90s gorging on all matters of pop culture, preparing myself for the inevitable day when I would hang my shingle on the pristine door of Vents Magazine and espouse shamelessly on the very subjects that regularly got me terrorized by a variety of jocks and bullies when I was doing time and hard labor in high school.

 Who’s the Boss was about a widower (Tony Danza) and his young daughter (Alyssa Milano) who uproot their lives after the father lands a job as a fulltime housekeeper for an on the go career woman (Judith Light) and her son (Danny Pintauro, all scrubbed up and shining after his little run-in with Cujo a year or so earlier) and zany mother (Katherine Helmond). This was the base for the show and it held steady for eight seasons before giving up the ghost.

According to Sony – who owns the rights to Who’s the Boss – this series will act as a sequel to the original series. Danza and Milano will not only star but also executive produce. Although the show is still in early development stages, word ‘round campfire is that the revival will follow Milano’s character of Samantha Micelli and her struggles as a single mother. Naturally, in the best tradition of far-fetched television reunion logic, Milano and her brethren will be living in the same house where the original show took place and her relationship with Danza’s Tony Micelli – who is now retired and seemingly without ticket fare back to Brooklyn – will be explored.

 Two key Boss alums Judith Light and Danny Pintauro, have yet to be cast in this update, although their involvement has not been ruled out, pending talks and negotiations. Sadly, Katherine Helmond passed away last year.

 Norman Lear, who’s company Embassy Communications produced the original series, will return for this sequel as an executive producer alongside his Act III partner in crime Brent Miller. Dan Farah (of Farah Films) is also attached to executive produce after bringing the project with its two attached headliners to Sony.

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