Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma Spotlights the Unbroken Spirit of a Survivor

Although many have said people do not read as much these days, we can find more and more readers choosing books that will empower them. They seek content they can relate to and will inspire them in one way or another. Authors have noticed this trend and reached deep into themselves to write stories that appeal to every human emotion. This is what Krista Nerestant did when writing Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma, which launches September 8, 2020.

Krista Nerestant is a certified spiritual medium, trauma coach, hypnotist, and author. She had dedicated her life to advocate for children and women focusing on the power of the four bodies of our unique self: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. With this in mind, she founded Self-ish Lifestyle where she teaches how to demystify the world of spirit and energy.

Nerestant is a positive and authentic influence who has used her experience and knowledge to guide others through a self-love journey. Her upcoming book, Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma, is a narrative-driven memoir of resilience and self-love through healing. The main goal of this text is to serve as a resource for survivors to thrive rather than just survive.

Her inspiration comes from the traumas she had to endure as a child in the Philippines and as a young immigrant in the United States–an all too relevant life-changing event for many readers. Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma spotlights the unbroken spirit of a survivor who was able to transform trauma into courage, forgiveness, and resilience. This woman became indestructible as she learned to face every obstacle with a more positive mindset and holding on to her self-love. Because she knows there are many like her, the book is for survivors from different cultural, economic, educational, and social backgrounds.

Sydney Lotuaco–a contestant in the Bachelor Paradise and Filipina Influencer–had the pleasure of reading this book before its launch. “In the midst of today’s chaos, this book teaches you to be indestructible and rise up in hope and faith,” she says, which goes to show how important and relevant it is to write books that will empower individuals to build from their experiences and transform trauma into strength. As Elisa Charters, President of LeanIn-Latina Surge, says, “Krista’s life choices exemplify why, as individuals we must never let the light of purpose ever fade, or disconnect from our spirit of determination!” This purpose is in Nerestant’s energy and optimism, and every word she wrote aims to awaken the same energy and optimism in her readers. She believes everyone has the power to heal.

Once September 8 comes and you get the pleasure of reading Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma you will understand why it is an inspiration for survivors to heal from trauma and thrive. Krista Nerestant is the greatest example on how to approach personal wounds as a gateway to self-mastery. Her book not only spotlights the unbroken spirit of a survivor, but it also stands as the proof of the healing power of self-love and resilience.

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