Leonardo DiCaprio Bites into Apple for Exclusive Film and Television Deal

It seems just like yesterday that mucho talented thespian Leonardo DiCaprio was exchanging witty banter with Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains and fending off alien invasions in Critters 3. What a difference thirty years make. With a well-deserved Oscar to his name along with an ever growing footprint in environmental causes that would make even Aldo Leopold stand up and do a Lindy Hop, DiCaprio has indeed moved ever up into the upper echelon of Hollywood royalty, guaranteeing him not only a reserved booth at Big Kahuna Burger but, according to our well-groomed buddies over at the ever-lovin’ Hollywood Reporter, one supermegatroid of a film and production deal with the forbidden fruit itself, Apple.

 DiCaprio, under his Appian Way production house, signed a first-look film and television package deal with Arthur Levinson’s Apple just days ago. According to the newly inked contract, DiCaprio alongside his partner in Apian Jennifer Davisson will be tasked with developing new and exciting films and television for Apple.

Appian Way has had a respected and distinguished history in its short but storied life, working with Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers before finally doing the Samba (or was that a Rhumba?) over to Apple. The deal with Apple will mark a milestone for DiCaprio’s production company in that for the very first time his television endeavors will have an official place to call home, putting it on official equal footing to his film efforts.

 Prior to signing off on the new deal, DiCaprio had enjoyed a relationship with Apple through their financing of director Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Killers of the Flower Moon which is set to reunite the famed auteur and star. And when we say “financing” brother, we’re not talking about spotting the production a fiver for a Starbucks run: Apple’s reported final all-in budget for the eagerly awaited period film was a whopping $200 million dollars – or the equivalent of two hundred million Critters 3 productions. Apple will handle streaming rights for the film while Paramount – who balked at the $200 smackers before Apple got involved – will distribute it theatrically worldwide.

On the television side, too, DiCaprio is working with Apple on the Appian and MRC Television produced upcoming television thriller series Shining Girls which is set to star Elisabeth Moss (who is also serving as an executive producer).

The deal seems to be a win for everyone, including Apple. DiCaprio’s Appian Way is no slouch in plying its wares with some of the best film projects to come down the pike since Frank Capra, George Stevens and company hung out a shingle that read Liberty Films: The Revenant, And We Go Green, The Aviator, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street are just a few of the shiny toys in this powerhouse’s arsenal.

 Apple has been working overtime to staff its client list with some of the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Appian Way now join a prestigious list which includes Imagine Documentaries, Peanuts, Ridley Scott, A24, Idris Elba and Sesame Workshop.

We’ll keep readers posted on – wait for it – any and all fruit which is borne through this deal.

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