SINGLE REVIEW: Bleed Over Me by 308 Ghost Train

Those who follow the rock underground already know that now is a great time to be a fan of heavy music, and the biggest reason why just might be independent artists like 308 Ghost Train, whose new single “Bleed Over Me” borrows elements from 80s power balladry and gives them a post-millennium makeover that couldn’t sound much sweeter than it does this summer. The lyrics here are the antithesis of a dirge; in ways that go far deeper than the surface level, this is a single designed to inspire us, not deny us the pleasures of basking in life every now and again.


There’s a ton of emotion that comes barreling out of the speakers after us, but none of it ever sounds intimidating or uncomfortably honest. 308 Ghost Train aren’t a throwback band by any critical measurement, but when compared side by side with some of the other groups that are making waves in the underground this season, they absolutely have a lot in common with the classic crews that made this genre attractive to the masses so many decades ago. “Bleed Over Me” is a potent number, and maybe the best I’ve heard from them thus far. 

This mix is super tight but not imposing or overproduced, which is difficult to accomplish when you’re working with the kind of setup that this band is.

They aren’t augmenting any of their harmonies here – in fact, keeping them as raw and tangible to us as possible seems to be their primary objective more often than not. The guitar ties together the vocal with the beat beautifully, tethering two conflictingly strong components through melodicism rather than a mathy, overly-complicated arrangement. Personally I think that it’s clear “Bleed Over Me” was written with the stage in mind; every one of its features would shine brilliantly in a live setting, and with the right crowd in front of them to share the energy, I believe we’d see a shade of 308 Ghost Train’s color unlike any we’ve experienced so far. They’ve got a theatrical bend that could come alive on the road, and with any luck, we’ll all get to find out for sure soon. 


While the mainstream side of rock music has been producing a lot of lackluster content, ultimately leaving many of this genre’s most loyal of fans high and dry for the bulk of the summer, indie acts like 308 Ghost Train are keeping real rock alive and kicking from within the American underground. “Bleed Over Me” doesn’t ask anything out of its audience in exchange for its charming harmonies – instead, it just lays one affectionate lyric on us after another with passion to match every percussive beat. If you’ve never heard this group before, I would tell you to start with this latest song before you get into any of their previously released singles. It’s a fair encapsulation of their persona, and more specifically, the kind of magic that they’re starting to create an entire reputation around. 

by Bethany Page

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