Students suing universities: complexities of contract law

There are many businesses today, that prefer to seek help from professionals to keep their company on track and succeeding. Especially in times of the novel coronavirus pandemic where running a business smoothly has become a little bit trickier than usual. Award-Winning American Business-Woman and Juris Doctorate Candidate Olivia Friedman has become the go-to Coronavirus guidance educator around the globe.

The former United States Navy Hospital Corpsman with medical laboratory experience yielding 100% in courses such as virology, she was also an Information Systems Security Officer in the US Navy and has suddenly seen an influx of people and businesses, reaching out to her, in order to get business pivot strategy, and overall advice to save businesses they have built over many years, sometime decades. Her expertise has made her a leader who is known for helping businesses to run in a better way than ever before, so that they can take it where they want it to go. Olivia is an expert spokesperson and she knows how to bring innovation to every company according to its demands and situation. She has been helping businesses with their “pivots” in business. There are many businesses that prefer to seek help from professionals such as Olivia that are proven, in order to keep their company on track and succeeding. Olivia has earned over time, a great reputation for saving failing businesses, sometime also assisting them with the restructuring and sale of their business. A diamond in the rough for sure, in such chaotic times as these, during Covid-19.

Olivia “Grace” Friedman is known as one of the topmost sought after COVID19 guides, educators, and business consultants around the world. She is the Businesswoman that has recently been referred to as the “Bozoma Saint John of the South”, which means she is a respectable, reputable, proven business coach and speaker who has caught everyone’s attention. Recent credentials and show appearances has all the more bolstered morale, her esteem, and respect as a business-woman, in highly respected business circles. Olivia has participated in meetings with business leaders at the top of company hierarchy, within the United Nations, Bayer, Master Card North America and American Express. Olivia Friedman, Global Thought Leader is in high demand for public speaking, Television and is open to “some” radio and podcast interviews. Olivia has been featured and interviewed by Jim Blasingame – The Small Business Advocate, and has also been featured several times to date, in ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Channel, The CW, Telemundo (in Spanish), KOA News Radio, Sirius XM Radio, 700 WLW, iHeart Radio, KOGO San Diego, CA, The Frankie Boyer Show, and many, many, more.

Her most recent appearance July 29, 2020 was on the Jim Bohannon Show where she discussed from a law students’ perspective, Students suing universities: complexities of contract law Olivia Friedman as, CIO of the Institute of Higher Global Studies, author of Divorce Super Powers for Women, and the Founder of Women’s Fierce Leadership Academy, discussed the future of COVID-19 protection protocols and strategies and took phone calls from all around the world on various topics. Testimonials stated; “I was most impressed with her breadth of knowledge and composure in fielding the questions.” Including calls from listeners and viewers from around the world on topics pertaining to current events today. “Olivia has a wealth of knowledge that makes her a highly sought after business consultant.”

Olivia Friedman was on the Jim Bohannon show with other reputable guests including; The Five Emmy Award Winning Sharyl Attkisson, Investigative Journalist & Author on to discuss her book “Slanted”, and Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on to discuss Portland protests and the federal response.

This ever growing popular lady was also recently interviewed immediately after President Trump, by the well-known, highly sought after CNN Contributor and Legal Consultant Laura Coates, on The Urban View in June of this year where she discussed how she views the future within Corporate America. She further elaborated that when it comes to the ways in which technology and innovations are playing a massive role in business and how we run our everyday lives, they will be really helpful in the new normal, postCOVID-19 in disinfection as she also spoke of Violet, the Covid-19 seeking and disinfecting robot.

She offers organizations the tools they require to take their business marketing in order to grow themselves to a higher level. Especially regarding employees going back to work after the pandemic. Moreover, Olivia has reached the level of expertise as a leader in her field and in business, where she is a trusted source, toward helping other businesses achieve the success they want, and deserve. Olivia continues to excel as she now has even more accolades to ad to her cup which surely now overflowing. She has been nominated for the CIO of the Year Award 2020, and is the long time CIO of a long-standing and proven Higher Global Education and Technology Institute

Olivia has a few openings in the future for talks and appearances, speaking and interviewing on topics such as Covid-19 tracking laws and civil liberties, World War III – USA Under Active Cyber Attack, Students suing universities: complexities of contract law, and the future of the workplace amid COVID-19, etc. She is available for bookings as time allows due to several prior engagements since she is a leading COVID-19 speaker that is interviewed daily.

She can be booked online to discuss workplace innovation and the future of the workplace. Olivia is a star speaker who everyone wants to book for their business consultations. Please enquire to check booking availability for the remainder of 2020 and March to September, 2021. This would help you achieve what you want or had been looking for not only setting your business but also taking it to the next level.

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