Rules for starting a diet

Going on a diet is not that simple. First of all, it is necessary to take stock of your weight and the way you eat, then relearn how to eat healthy Advice. You can also try Custom keto diet.

1. Before a diet, take stock

Before starting a diet, it is important to observe your body, your dietary imbalances, and adopt the most appropriate measures. To do this, keeping a logbook is very valuable.

2. Measure your weight

Before embarking on a diet, one should determine a consistent weight goal. That is to say, a weight which takes into account the morphology, the distribution between the lean mass (muscles, bones, organs, water …), the fats and the volume of water, as well as the way in which the calories are burned (basal metabolism).

3. Learn to manage risky moments

Around 6 p.m., it’s hard not to jump on the fridge! At this moment that we know to be particularly sensitive, two solutions, find another occupation (gym, running, relaxation, etc.) or provide non-calorie foods.

4. Get back to the market

Let go of the traps and temptations of supermarkets. Fill your fridge with fruits, vegetables, and fresh products that you can throw yourself into without remorse in the event of a craving. Remember that we used to go to the cupboard stuffed with too rich cakes, chocolate, and peanuts, or low-fat products that are deceptively reassuring.

5. Equip yourself with the right kitchen utensils

To save fat, use the following utensils, non-stick frying pan, microwave, equipment necessary for steaming or in foils.

6. At the table, open the range of tastes

Vary the flavors, dare to use spices and less usual combinations (salty-sweet, acid-bitter, sweet-spicy).

7. Eat 4 times a day

Eat 4 times a day: morning, noon, afternoon tea, and evening. A better distribution of food intake over the day avoids unreasonable compulsions.

8. Reduce your ration by 20 to 40%

If one usually consumes 2,500 calories, a diet between 2000 and 1500 will lead to weight loss. Several possibilities: reduce the number of dishes in the meal, select light dishes in caloric value, serve yourself only once, leave a third or half of your plate. Namely, one or two very large meals can undo all the efforts of the week!

9. Eat slowly, knowing

After starting a meal the feeling of satiety reaches the brain 10 to 15 minutes. Soak up the flavors and put your fork down every three bites.

10. Drink regularly

Often we eat when the body is thirsty.

Little tips to lose weight

  • Cut back on the cheese, which results in bread and wine.
  • Avoid cherries and grapes, which are very high in calories.
  • Do not resume from a dish.
  • Don’t say you’re on a diet, find another plausible excuse.
  • Force on the raw vegetables.
  • Limit salt.
  • Do not deprive yourself of dessert, but in your recipes replace sugar
  • With aspartame, make thin tarts by “pulling” the dough.
  • Choose dessert or cheese, wine, or dessert.
  • Equip yourself with suitable kitchen utensils: non-stick pan, steamer.
  • Pay the utmost importance to your purchases: remove the temptations, and never be caught off guard, by having, for example, a few healthy frozen meals in reserve.

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