Ranking The 20 Best ‘Parks And Recreation’ Characters

Somewhat recently, IFC started airing reruns of Parks and Recreation. Like, all the time. The show them in big blocks. I have definitely been watching some of it here and there. It got me thinking about something. Namely, my own personal rankings of the characters of Parks and Recreation. Now, there are many primary and second characters. Pawnee, like Springfield, is a pretty sizable and eclectic town. It could be a list of like 50 characters. Ah, but it isn’t. I figured I’d cap it at 20 characters. You can respond with your own personal lists, or your opinions on my list. Parks and Recreation is one of the best sitcoms of the last 20 years, and of all-time. So let’s get to it! Cue that catchy theme song! It’s time to get to some Parks and Rankreation!

20. Ethel Beavers

19. Craig Middlebrooks

18. Jennifer Barkley

17. Barney Varmn

16. Orin

15. Tammy II

14. Tom Haverford

13. Donna Meagle

12. Jerry Gergich

11. Joan Callamezzo

10. Perd Hapley

9. Ann Perkins

8. Ben Wyatt

7. Chris Traeger

6. Perd Hapley

5. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

4. Andy Dwyer

3. April Ludgate

2. Leslie Knope

1. Ron Swanson

There you have it. It was probably obvious what my top-two characters would be. I feel like they are most people’s top two. Oh, and the real thing that got me thinking about all this? I realized I wasn’t a huge fan of Tom as a character and I wanted to figure out where he fit into my rankings. Now I know. Hooray for me!

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