Micro Linear Actuator Motor application

What is a linear actuator? a brief introduction

Several times we hear about electric linear actuators, these devices very similar to hydraulic cylinders or pneumatic cylinders, but:

What are they really? How do they work? Can it be convenient to use an electric actuator instead of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder?

The Micro Linear Actuator Motor is an electromechanical device used to transform the rotary motion of an electric motor into linear motion.

The main components of an actuator are:

  • Rear attachment
  • Front attachment
  • Motor with gearbox
  • Translating rod
  • Threaded stem
  • Outer quill

How does the actuator work?

The electric motor, with its rotary movement, transmits the motion to the gearbox repair (which can be worm screw, gear) which in turn rotates the nut, the rod or the nut being coupled onto the nut-producing a linear movement in what being bound do not rotate but “unscrew or screw”.

Note and suggestions

It is essential that the actuator stroke is checked, i.e. that limit switches or sensors are used that tells the actuator that it has reached the limit of the stroke (fully open and fully closed). For more information on the control of the actuators, please visit the dedicated section.

Linear actuator: ideal for hydroelectric basins Electric linear actuators for regulation locks for hydroelectric basins.

The main technical aspects that characterize the EC7 linear actuator are:

Rod with recirculating ball screw 80 × 20, for very high performance and handling of high loads (up to 100-200 kN, 10-20 tons) with great precision.

  • Stroke of 2300 mm, up to 4200 mm.
  • Speed ​​of 20 mm / s.
  • Anti-rotation devise.
  • 220 V power supply
  • Protective painting with corrosion class C5M.
  • Smaller dimensions than pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Linear actuator with mechanical release of the rod

We are pleased to present the mechanical STEM release system.

The release device is required on applications wherein the absence of power supply there is the need to move the stem.

The manually operated device allows to free of the stem and allows it to be moved “by hand”.

To restore operation, simply operate in the opposite direction to unlocking.

The handle or a hexagonal screw is available as the release (other releases on request)

Realization: Linear actuator ALI2 / Linear actuator ALI3 / Linear actuator ALI4 / Linear actuator ALI5

The manual operation also available

Furthermore, inside the linear actuator with the mechanical release of the rod, it is possible to insert a contrast spring which allows, when the release is activated, to open the linear actuator or to close it automatically.

Applications of the actuator with release / and contrast spring

Valuables / armored vehicles; the actuator can be used on this type of vehicle for closing and opening security doors, the release device is used for opening in the event of faults in the remote-controlled radio system

Roller ironers for industrial textile ironing; The actuators are used to approach the ironing rollers of the mangle, through a safety device, the operator may need to release the rollers (moving them away from each other) this happens in the event of blockage of the ironed products. Thanks to the contrasting spring, the actuator immediately closes, guaranteeing an immediate intervention time, moving the rollers away. The release of the safety device is sufficient for the resumption of the mangle operation.

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