Matt Artisan and The Attractive Man Help Nice Guys Have Confidence

With many dating apps to choose from, some men are still not confident enough to approach the women they like. They often think they are not good enough or that someone else who is “better” than them will come along. Even though it is not broadly discussed, there are men who are trying to improve the ways in which they connect with women. For this very reason, Matt Artisan founded The Attractive Man.

Artisan was scared of women back in high school, so he started a band to try and attract women. This tactic worked until the band dissolved and he became depressed at having lost his “cool factor.” It was then he discovered the Pickup Artist community and ended up becoming a pick up trainer. However, he was not entirely convinced by the pickup artist methods at the time, and he therefore moved on to create his own dating coach business. The Attractive Man was founded by Matt Artisan in 2009 with the mission to help men become the best, most confident, attractive, total ten version of themselves to ultimately approach, attract, and date their dream woman.

The Attractive Man has taught live dating coach workshops in over 40 countries. Even countries like India, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, where men think it is impossible to approach a woman on the street. “Most of our clients are the engineer types who are fairly successful in their work and are often very analytical. They are typical ‘nice guys’ who try to please women to get them to like them,” says Matt Artisan about their clients.

With each training program they offer, their team of dating coaches teach clients how to be attractive in a way that is natural and unique The dating coaches help them bring out their true attractive, unique self without changing who they are or becoming “bad guys” or “pick up artists.” Their work helps these individuals upgrade their personality and reach “true confidence.” This approach is based on the CEO’s belief that men should “let women discover your cool qualities as the date progresses and let your personality do the attracting for you.”

How does The Attractive Man work? They offer several different trainings depending on what you are looking for and the kind of approach you want. All of their live workshops can be booked through their website which shows a detailed list of the countries where the training takes place. But, you do have to qualify for the coaching.

  • 3-Day Unleashed Live Bootcamp: Help conquer anxiety and learn what to do when you see a beautiful woman and how to connect with them.
  • 5-Day Mastery Supercamp: The instructors show men how to interact with women firsthand, give instant feedback on the approach, and help them escalate the interaction to the next level.
  • Legacy Program: you get to attend any 3-Day Unleashed Live Bootcamp or 5-Day Mastery Supercamp training for no extra cost. At the end, you could become a trainer yourself because they believe being an assistant instructor is a fast way to develop your skills.
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching: For those looking for a faster transformation, working directly with Matt Artisan himself or one of his experienced dating coaches.

If you are looking to build your confidence to approach women, you should consider working with Matt Artisan and The Attractive Man dating coach team through one of their trainings. What makes these coaches so great and unique is they believe in the potential that is already in you. Without changing the core of who you are, they help you build on your greatest qualities because they believe “unless you shake hands with your demons first, you will never have the life you want.”

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