Audio Visual in the times of COVID-19

The limitations and precautions taken by now in most of the world to limit the spread of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) have touched every production sector and aspect of the lives of many.

It is early to make reliable forecasts of what will happen to entertainment in the coming weeks or months. But it can already be said that COVID-19 will certainly have a long-lasting impact on the choices, places, times and ways of what, at least for the next year, will be produced and distributed, in cinemas or on the internet.

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Everything revolves around a very simple concept: much of the entertainment works thanks to the production of new content. Because of the isolation due to coronavirus, not only can these contents not be distributed in cinemas: they cannot even be produced.

All this takes into account that for every film that does not come out, every TV series that is not produced or advertising that is not sold, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are not working. There are not only Disney executives or Oscar nominees, but there are also electricians from the sets in which there are no films and the bartenders from the cinemas that remain closed.

We start with what is happening and will happen soon in the cinema, then we come to the TV series, televisions and streaming platforms.

The films to be produced

Those who were producing new films had, in most cases, to discontinue their production. The necessary limitations to gatherings and physical contact not only make going to the cinema difficult or impossible; often they also make it impossible to make new films or to finish those whose filming had already begun. For those who produce them, it means having invested money without knowing when the relative revenues will arrive; and it also means that, trivially, when you can go back to shooting there will be no room for everyone. If an actor had agreed to make a film this spring and one this fall, he might find himself able to make one in a few months; and the same could be said for many other film professionals. Someone will find themselves in the situation of being able to choose from several offers, someone else may find themselves unemployed. “The insiders,” Variety wrote, “Predict that some films will simply be discarded.”

Films without cinemas

The blockade of film distribution is evidently having a heavy impact on the cinemas and on anyone who works there: it is now more than ten days that Italian cinema receipts are zero. And there are also those who wonder if, how, and how much we will return to the cinemas.

Those who produce and distribute films, on the other hand, are experimenting with new ways to get their films – those that are ready – to viewers. A solution, which is not particularly appreciated by cinema exhibitors, involves making available films that should have gone to cinemas via streaming.

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