Nursing has always been an undermined profession because of the many layers of work in medicine. Surgeons, doctors, and administrators are all roles that enjoy the comforts of a prestigious position in a health facility. They are less in number and shoulder more complex tasks, which makes them considerably more significant to people. However, this method of scaling the importance of their duties is crippled, and nurses are more crucial to this setting than one might think.

The recent outbreak and development of this COVID-19 pandemic are proving this point, as nurses join the short-handed doctors to help all those in need of medical assistance. They can do a wide range of services in times like these to release tension from both the ends of this rope. A full-fledged nurse with a terminal degree in this profession is fit to overtake and perform the duties of a doctor. They can lead departments, perform standard medical procedures, and are even qualified to look after the administrative responsibilities in this setup.

People uninformed about the specifics of growth and progress in this profession often mistake them for lesser from what they deliver to society. Some might also assume them to be the sidekick that they appear under normal circumstances, but that’s far from reality. Nurses have the option and capacity to regulate their roles to become receptive to a broader range of tasks. For instance, completing any regular online RN to BSN programs might elevate them to the standards of a starting resident or even higher. That’s the level of the difference their profession can experience from a little education reinforcement.

Here’s more on the pivotal role of nurses during the pandemic and the risks they shoulder to fulfill their responsibilities. These should help you see them in the light of the true heroes they are in these difficult times.


Every individual associated with the medical field is doing their bit to overcome and contain the situation in any possible. While researchers take a shot from their labs, nurses are doing it from the front lines by providing care and health support to patients.

Any patient suffering from this virus comes in with severe symptoms and is a life threat to anyone near them. Yet, nurses take the risk to ease their pain by carrying out standard procedures that could help. From testing the patients to taking care of them in isolation, they are holding this safety line together in the face of every obstacle to ensure the damage gets contained.

What’s deserves even more appreciation is that they shoulder this risk every day, knowing that they might be jeopardizing their life and those of their loved ones. It is a nerve-wracking display of bravery and heroism that should never go unnoticed. That serves to outline the significance of their contribution.


While the threat of this virus lasts, it is most crucial for everyone to remain informed of the safety regulations, symptoms, and consequences of this disease. Many people take all these measures for granted or are ignorant of warnings issued by authorities in the name of their health.

Nurses intervene in this situation and take it upon themselves to educate people on the subject. They answer questions, issue directives, and advice on observing quarantine in all the right ways. Besides that, they also offer their knowledge on issues of mental health to ensure that the people they talk with can identify any psychological concerns.

Nurses ensure to prevent the spread of this virus with their efforts and that every aspect of it gets its deserved attention. By doing so, they are offering people a fair fighting chance at the cost of their health and well-being, which deserves respect.


Nurses work in a setting that has the highest risk of contracting this virus, despite the precautionary measures. Negligence of a single individual in such surroundings could mean the life of several others working with them. In such cases, hospitals and health facilities need personnel who can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Being superior in numbers, nurses are ideal delegates for the job of enforcing health safety measures. They are well-equipped with the knowledge, informed of all the standard regulations, and hold a position of authority on the subject.

Asking every worker to go for frequent hand sanitation, using a surgical mask, wearing impermeable gloves, and carefully disposing of them after use might prove helpful. Also, asking them to avoid sharing things and advising them to go into isolation immediately if they experience any symptoms. These are vital in promising that no other individual is at risk from their fellow workers.


Besides all these things, no one can argue that this is a state of emergency, and the traffic flowing into hospitals is alarming. Patients with a diverse set of problems seeking medical assistance have no other option but to head to a hospital.

Additionally, the spike in the number of cases seeking psychiatric assistance is further straining the health workers. It is forcing them to widen the range of services and areas of function to issue an adequate response. Plus, even health workers are human and have limitations. They are as prone to fall victim to this virus as any regular person.

Under these circumstances, nurses are doing everything they can to share the burdens. They are working with the doctors and doing overtime to divide this workload. Nurses are not considering this as an opportunity to take a break from work, but a responsibility they can’t turn down. The idea of thinking of it as an obligation, and meeting the demands of their profession is remarkable.


That sums up the pivotal role of nurses during the pandemic and how their contribution is no less than someone in a position of greater responsibility. Successfully surviving this pandemic would be another achievement under their belt, one that deserves praise. Anyone thinking otherwise is mistaken and needs to hold them in high regard for their heroic efforts.

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