Cult Classic Television Show “Werewolf” Lands First Legal Home Video Release Thirty Two Years after Final Episode

Well, that didn’t take too long. Thirty two years and countless bootleg DVD and Blu-Ray box sets later, one of the most coveted horror television shows in genre history is finally coming home to howl this October courtesy of the fine folks over at Elephant Films.

 Werewolf was an early FOX show, which saw its premiere on July 11, 1987 and ran until May 22, 1988. This groundbreaker followed the misadventures of everyman Eric Cord who, after being bitten by a werewolf, embarks upon a dangerous cross-country game of cat and mouse as he pursues the originator of the cursed werewolf bloodline, all in a desperate attempt to end his own curse.

Per Elephant’s Facebook page this week, the cult favorite will finally see a legal release on October 26, 2020 in a 6 DVD set which will include a 52 page book. The set comes with a recommended retail price of 39.99 and will be available for pre-order from their site in early August.

 For those with long memories, a legal Werewolf box set was in the works back in 2009 from the fine folks over at Scream Factory (along with its cousin Shout Factory, one of the best curators of important film and television). This set, which was to feature a plethora of extra goodies for die-hard fans, was scrapped weeks before its street date due to licensing issues with some of the music originally aired on the show back in ’87-’88.

 In the interim – and even before Scream Factory had been announced as the new home for the show – bootleg DVD sets bloomed like wild crabgrass in the desert wasteland that passed for Werewolf bric-a-brac. These sets, while usually featuring low grade resolution and choppy editing of commercials (almost all sets were struck from low-res VHS copies of the original episodes or sourced from syndicated versions of the show which were heavily edited so as to feature more commercials) were the only game in town for fans who wanted to own the complete series. I should know. As a fan of writer-creator Frank Lupo’s lycanthropic masterpiece since the 1987 original air date of the pilot, I owned no less than four different bootlegs of the series over the years, the image and sound quality ranging from merely passable to downright distracting. But with FOX taking a “beat it kid, don’t waste our time” attitude with one of their pioneering shows, a true fan of the show had little recourse other than to content themselves with boots or attempt to wait out the nigh indecipherable legalities preventing a legal release on DVD. My patience never being noted as being particularly stellar, I opted for the former. And thus began my life of crime…

 Elephant Films is – like Scream Factory, Criterion and Arrow – a boutique label that takes special care with their releases, keeping the fans of little seen cult films and television happy with their eclectic and always exciting releases. In an age where entire generations have flocked to streaming and abandoned any sort of a collector’s mentality, Elephant Films is an oasis in a 21st Century desert and the mere fact that they have picked up the much abused and maligned Werewolf is nothing short of wonderful and, let’s be honest, miraculous; Merci beaucoup, gentleman.

 Elephant Films currently has a trailer for the upcoming Werewolf release and you can check that out here.

 Keep your eyes (and fangs) peeled to Vents for future updates on this long overdue release.

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