14 Tips to Plan Your Own Wedding

When it comes to weddings, we all enjoy them but planning your own easily becomes overwhelming. While some couples may hire a professional, there are many reasons why they may want to take this task on by themselves. Although it’s certainly not impossible, there are some tricks to help you plan the wedding of your dreams on your own. These tips will help you get started on the right track. 

1.  Make a list of priorities

Chances are, your budget can’t support everything you’d want at your wedding but some things are more important than others. You and your partner should develop a list of the most important aspects of the wedding. For some, it may be good photography while others may want amazing food. Make a list of 3-5 items that are most important. 

2. Hire an event design company

If you know that you want the environment to look amazing, then working with an event design company is the right choice. Doing this on your own probably won’t give you the desired results so it’s best to work with a specialized company that can turn even the dullest areas into your dream atmosphere. 

3. Decide on your organization method

Different people have different methods of staying on track of what needs to be done for a wedding. Some like spreadsheets while others may still use paper planners. There’s a ton of online apps and tools that can be used and none of these are necessarily better than others. However, find one that works best for you and stick with it to stay on track. 

4. Select a theme

This is an area where couples can be as detailed as they want. You can choose a broad theme such as autumn or something more specific like a certain period in time. Although not required, it’s usually helpful to have a concept for the wedding. Once you have a general aesthetic in mind, you can make design designs for a cohesive event.

Here’s a list of theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

5. Develop a guest list

Not all weddings can have a large group of people but you may find it helpful to write down everyone that you’d like to invite. Then use this list to decide how many people you can manage at your event. Some weddings are extremely intimate while others have hundreds of guests. You can also decide whether to allow a plus one or children at the event. 

6. Talk to other couples

There’s no better way to get knowledge about wedding planning than talking to other married couples. If you’ve been to the wedding of friends or family, especially weddings you enjoyed, reach out to them for advice. They often have tips and tricks that will make planning much easier. 

7. Hire vendors that you like

There’s no point in hiring an amazing caterer for the event if you don’t like the person you’re working with. Meet with various people for the services you need and decide which one you feel comfortable with and also will do a good job. This ultimately means trusting that person so make sure to consider this factor. 

8. Read all contracts

Events can get canceled or delayed for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get a refund or credit. When signing contracts for locations, caterers, and other services, make sure to read through the contracts. If you’re not happy with the terms, discuss whether they can be changed. 

9. Choose the wedding party wisely

You’re going to rely on the people in your wedding party throughout the planning stage and event itself. Make sure that you choose people you enjoy spending time with and are going to be there for you. This often means avoiding those who may be high maintenance in your direct party. 

10. Create a wedding website

People today get much of their information online. It’s going to be much easier to keep guests updated if you develop a wedding website. This site can contain details about the event, hotel information, a link to your registry, and any other important information.

You could even build it yourself using a website from this list.

11. Hire an officiant

Depending on the wedding itself, you may already have someone in mind to officiate or need to hire someone. Make sure that you hire someone who has experience with weddings. If using a friend or family member, ensure that person can do the ceremony and will also do a good job in the process. 

12. Add a personal touch

Your wedding is about your new life together as a couple so don’t be afraid to add personal touches. Traditional is fine but having some personal touches is a great way to make the day your own. 

13. Arrange for transportation

This may not be necessary for all locations but is a good idea if getting married in a remote area or if many guests are from out of town. 

14. Plan the rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner may not be planned by the happy couple but you still need to be involved in the planning process. Much like the wedding, it also requires a guest list, venue, and other events. Make sure that whoever is planning the event has this information. 

Now that you have some of the basic tips ready, it’s time to get started planning your big day. Make sure to keep things as stress-free as possible and you may find that you actually enjoy planning your wedding. 

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