The President Of Pop Already Drops Sequel To Debut Single, with New Track “Fly/Shine”

The President of Pop recently debuted his journey in music with the drop of his debut track “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes, (The No Internet Song),” a song that’s already taken the internet by storm, thanks to its powerful anti-social media stance. 

Less than a month after its release, The Pres. is already releasing a sequel to his debut single, with a more empowering and poetic song titled “Fly/Shine.” This new single focuses on the importance of listening to ourselves and our inner voice that always knows what is best for us, no matter how hard it seems or how criticized we are by other people. The Pres. is clearly empowering people into taking control over their destiny, and not let the external factors interfere on any level. 

In that sense, “Fly/Shine” is much similar to his debut single, he’s just taking different roads to convey the same message; one starting with criticism of a negative pattern, and the second one encouraging and supporting people to believe in their potential. In both cases, the outcome is brilliant!

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