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Summer Ready Statement Sneakers for Kids

Statement sneakers have become a trendy way for children to speak their minds without getting themselves into trouble. Whether it’s a youthful commentary on a noteworthy cause or an inside joke, the expressions made through kids’ footwear can say quite a bit. While adults may not always understand the language, those who are “relevant” would get the message.

Playtime generates excitement and energy, so a statement sneaker requires a zinger. You might, however, be wondering what kids need to comment on when they should be outside playing and enjoying the sunshine. An important statement has its own timing for delivery; the sneakers worn outside and under the sun may not communicate the same message when worn inside at a family gathering.

Kids’ sneakers can set the tone for the discussion

An effective statement sneaker becomes important when it can relate to a moment or an event. If everyone on social media is wearing new puma sneakers to identify with a particular movement, your kids may want to wear them so they can show solidarity.

A Puma sneaker designed by a music celebrity could coincide with the launch of a new album. A statement sneaker worn to show that a kid is a fan of a pop star can generate streams of comments from peers. Growing the conversation thread helps kids develop their social and communication skills.

A statement can be made with bold colors

A strong statement can come in the form of a sneaker with a dazzling display of colors. Vivid and bright hues may represent unity or inclusiveness, such as between ethnicities or social groups.

Wearing a pair of Puma’s gold suede sneakers designed to commemorate its 50th anniversary could indicate that a child’s favorite gymnast won a gold medal. To a kid, 50 years seems like centuries, but having a connection with a famous athlete can be inspiring. It serves as a reminder of someone he or she looks up to.

Emotions can be expressed through shoes

Anyone can have a bad day. Learning to identify various emotions at a young age can help to develop healthy communication habits. Creating a way for children to express their anger or happiness through sneaker statements can further their social skills.

Finding a variety of inexpensive kids footwear to match common moods is a start in opening up the channels of communication. A solid black sneaker, for example, could be an attempt to make a statement that helps convey depression or sadness. Durable pink running shoes made of nylon could mean that your daughter has “fallen in love” in the way that kids do.

Comfortable sneakers don’t cause feet to comment

Kids can say some astonishing and unusual things. With well-crafted shoes that fit correctly, one thing that kids should not need to express is that their feet hurt. In addition to making statements, signs of a good shoe are its versatility; kids need to remain comfortable whether they’re running, walking or playing. If a sneaker statement generates some “likes” online, that could be an added bonus.

Many of Puma’s statement sneakers are made with flexible upper materials and come with rubber soles that provide a strong grip. Affordable and available in a wide range of styles, your kids footwear can make help your children express themselves while also protecting their feet from harm.

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