Benefits of riding Bike

Riding in the open air is a unique sensation that offers a feeling of freedom.

Feel free

Riding in the open air is a unique sensation that offers a feeling of freedom. No car offers the pleasure of driving a two-wheeler, not even a convertible. The lightness of motorcycles and other scooters makes them very agile. They require less power for performance… sports.

There is always a motorcycle suitable for his lifestyle. A handy scooter allows you to slip into city traffic. GTS and other trails are perfect for long journeys, while neoclassical motorcycles or custom and chrome models highlight your personal tastes. You can also check Mot Reading to know more.

Avoid the queues

Congested roads no one escapes them unless you are riding a scooter or motorbike. You will indeed travel twice as many kilometers as in a car, once in traffic jams.

The legislator indeed authorizes motorcycles and scooters to travel up to 50 km / h between cars or a maximum of 20 km / h faster than the rest of the traffic. The more motorcycles there are, the smaller the lines. 

The tax advantage

Motorcycles and scooters are tax-efficient. Business or home-work trips by motorbike or scooter are 100% deductible for business expenses. However, you will need to prove that you use your motorcycle to commute to work and that its mileage meets this requirement. For example, ask your employer for a certificate indicating that you are going to work on a motorcycle. Maintenance invoices (with mileage) will help you prove the regular use of your motorcycle. In addition to business trips, you can also deduct the purchase of the motorcycle, scooter, and protective accessories. Think about a helmet (and cleaning products) and specific clothing (jacket, pants, thermal underwear, gloves, boots, rain protection, etc.). You must be able to prove your purchases with an invoice, the amount deducted depending on the balance between private and professional mileage. Also, note that motorcycles and scooters up to 250 cc are exempt from annual road tax. And you will benefit from your two-wheeler in terms of insurance since many companies offer so-called ‘six-wheel’ insurance at an badvantageous rate if you drive a motorcycle as well as a car.

Safer with the latest technology

Many technologies from the automotive world are now available for motorcycles, especially in terms of safety. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) have become standard, both for heavy and lighter models. Automatic stability control is also found on two-wheelers. It prevents the rear wheel from slipping when accelerating too fast.

New to two-wheelers, BMW’s Side View Assist is the blind spot control now prevalent in modern cars. The system detects vehicles located within a radius of approximately 5 meters from the sensors. A yellow pictogram on the mirror flashes to prevent the driver from any accident during a change of direction.

Faster parked!

A small space is more than enough for a scooter or a motorcycle to park. In addition, you can park outside the public road or conventional parking spaces as long as you do not interfere with anyone. And if you place several motorcycles on the same paid place, you only pay once.

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