The ease of using cloud-based electrical estimating software

Technology has taken over every sphere and every field of business. It has become an important factor when weighing down the options for ease of business. The tools and techniques that are now improvised because of the technology helps in speeding up the process and makes it easy for the owners to do the business. It is imperative for the construction sector to pick up the pace as well. There is the use of term Cloud based Electrical estimating software that has gained popularity over the time in this sector. However, many of the contractors and the electrical estimators are still not aware of the use and advantages of this software. New technological advancements has helped many in speeding up their processes. In this article, we are going to list the advantages of using cloud-based software. This will not only help you in advancing your work but also your construction company. So keep reading.

What is Cloud-based electrical estimating software?

This refers to the global network of remote servers that host cloud-based services. Claude-based software are regarded as a flexible alternative for the traditional problems related to construction takeoffs and estimating. The services are available via internet and all you need is a properly working device with an active intern connection to access the data. This makes the data easily accessible from anywhere.

 It is important to know the difference between the traditional software and the cloud based software and how it has transformed the construction processes.

Comparison of cloud-based and traditional construction software:

We are going to list important points here that are going to clear the air of confusion when talking about the comparison of these two.

  • Cloud-based software helps you in getting rid of the lengthy procedures through pen and paper. It is not easy to keep track of documents that are written on paper and the storage usually takes more space and maintenance. This makes it more difficult to track the takeoffs and estimations. CB software helps in keeping the track of the construction activities. The information is available through internet and with just one click.
  • As the nature of construction projects has now a day become more complex, new solutions are required and hence, to keep tabs of activities, updates technology is required.
  • When using traditional software, license is required. This is usually authorized for one person and allows only one log in. that makes it difficult for the rest of the team members to access the data related to the project. Cloud based helps in easy access of the data from anywhere and by any member of the team, which speeds up the process.
  • It is easy to make duplicate files of the data and then to find them in cloud based software. While in case of duplication on hard drive, it is difficult to find the files and the storage is also a problem.

As we have listed the comparison of the two approaches, many of the advantages of the CB software are evident from that. However, to make it more clearly for the electrical estimators let us take a detailed look into the advantages of this type of software.

Advantages of using Cloud-Based Electrical estimating software:

Cost cutting solutions:

While using CB software, many of the additional costs are reduced.  The costs of annual maintenance of data, license fees, using third party database etc. All these costs are reduced as a result of using software. The electrical estimators will not have to wait in lines for printing project plans. Maintenance of expensive It infrastructure inflicts more expenses on the firm and this software helps in reducing that.

Easy access:

It is very easy to access the data from cloud. General contractors have tabs on all the data and processes and they expect the estimators to have same information and knowledge. The software offers easy access to plans, electrical estimates, change order and pricing services. This results in complete information spread among the whole team, which ultimately helps with the efficiency and quality work.

Speeding up the process:

The timely and easy access to information and project details increases the mobility of the project. Since every member has the information that is required for quality work, distribution of work is more easy and effective. This also helps with the tracking of site work and activities and construction takeoffs and estimates. It is also easy to keep track of the construction takeoff services provided by the estimating company.


It allows the teams to work anywhere. Since accessing the information is easy and requires only a device with an active internet connection, the teams can work from anywhere. This is especially helpful when talking about the work done by the remote teams. If you need work done from the team that is not in the office but in the field, all you have to do is to upload the data and instruction on the cloud and let the team know to access it. This is easy when you have multiple teams working simultaneously on multiple parts of the project.


This helps with the accuracy of the estimates and data as well. Since you have all the data available for you on the cloud, you can access those projects to find instances of the data estimates. You can review those estimates and judge the quality of work. This can provide you with the accurate estimates of costs that you need to do for a certain project. Hence, it improves the accuracy of the estimates for construction.

Efficiency of your construction company:

As the clod based software not only provide accurate estimates, but also speeds up the process by making the information accessible for the team members, it translates into the speeding up of the bid process. It increases the process of bid submissions and hence increase the likelihood of efficient work from your construction company. Through this software, you can also avoid the costs like insurances, taxes and trainings of the staff. Those resources can prove helpful for other company matters.

The bottom line is that a little technology never hurts anybody. You can use it to the best of your advantage and yield multiple benefits from this.

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