Carp fishing weather reports

Unlike the seasons, the fishing weather will influence in the short term. In fact, the different meteorological parameters very quickly impact all the waters where we practice carp. Depending on the climate of the region, the weather events will vary in frequency, length, and magnitude. Similarly, depending on the type of water fished, they will not have the same consequences and the approach will have to be adapted according to the effects generated.

Weather-dependent fishing and Atmospheric Pressure

Atmospheric pressure is the least visible weather element, yet its variations have a direct impact on water pressure. Fish are very sensitive to pressure. In winter and spring, periods, when variations in atmospheric pressure are repetitive over short units of time, can be harmful because they are very destabilizing for the carp and constantly change their behavior. In these seasons, we will have every interest in favoring periods of relative stability, see high pressure. On the other hand, in summer and autumn, large depressions inevitably lead to strong periods of food activity, especially after high pressure and heatwaves. In autumn, it is especially in large lakes that large depressions announce the real cases. In small bodies of water, this is much less true in the medium term due to a rebalancing of pressures in their shallow waters. In rivers and streams, the flow and the levels influence the pressure in the water much more than atmospheric pressure. Except for the sections of large streams with very low flow, we did not note any direct impact of atmospheric pressure. It is more about the consequences of their falls that will influence fishing. Moreover, apart from the first hours, the consequences can be less good because the rains accompanying the big depressions often lead to strong floods very loaded with debris.

Overall, some stations can explode during these pressure drops while others will become sterile due to the movement of fish. And this is difficult to predict except by experience and knowledge of the water fished.

The wind

If the wind exerts a strong influence in closed water it is also impacting the river. In most cases, the wind is beneficial as long as you can stand facing it. On the other hand, it can be harmful during cooling down periods in winter and in spring, especially on exposed banks where the depth is shallow because it accelerates the drop in temperature of the liquid element. On the other hand, even in a stabilized cold period, it is often a harbinger of success. We have done large fishing several times on these occasions in stable waters below 10 ° C.

The wind offers two advantages, one chemical since it increases the dissolved oxygen rate, and the other mechanical since it stirs up shallow water and edges resulting in more accessible natural food. These two parameters sometimes lead to real food frenzies, all year round. In closed waters, the banks with gently sloping bottoms are very interesting. The carp sometimes come up very close to the shore. In the river, we have noted that the winds blowing in the direction of the current gave better results than the reverse. 

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