Vavoom Vodka Reigns in the Distilled Spirits Industry

Vavoom Vodka is a 100 percent grain-based, gluten-free, five-times distilled, premium spirit. It is packaged in a piece of art, a world-class, handcrafted bottle made in Milan, Italy. The bottle creates the perfect gift to stand out in any bar collection, and the highly reviewed vodka creates loyal customers. Vavoom Vodka was voted ‘Best Overall Vodka’ in 2020 by

The founder of Vavoom, Luke Battiloro, is a successful entrepreneur in various industries. As an owner and consultant for several companies, Battiloro enjoys learning every aspect involved in a business, from the early stages of design to production, and then sales, branding, and marketing. His creative side, combined with his professional intelligence, is what makes the Vavoom brand so unique and lucrative.

The idea behind Vavoom Vodka originally came to Battiloro when he was shopping for a bottle of vodka to bring to a social gathering. While comparing brands, he noticed that his choices for something aesthetically appealing that would stand out as a gift for the hosts were slim to none. Battiloro has been known in his social circle as charismatic and the life of the party, so he did not want to bring any old bottle, he wanted something that would start conversations and pique interest with other guests. Most people would grab the best option available and move on from the thought, but Battiloro took it upon himself to create exactly what he was looking for.

With determination, Battiloro designed the bottle seven times; first, he used the CAD program, but he thought it just did not look right. Eventually, he knew he had to physically sculpt the bottle out of clay. He learned to sculpt, channeling his Italian background, and laid every muscle and bone to create an extremely detailed sculpture of a woman’s body. Then, he learned to pour bronze over the statue. Vavoom became a piece of art.

The bottle was the primary focus for Battiloro, but he also needed to craft a vodka that was worthy of the artwork. He put years of development into the vodka to make sure that it not only lived up to the beautiful bottle, but exceeded expectations. When Battiloro has a project, he always finds people who are the very best in that industry. He partnered with a man who had been making vodka for 30 years, who custom builds the infrastructure to distill his vodka. They went back and forth to tweak the process and finally came up with remarkable vodka.

With the bottle and the vodka complete, Battiloro was ready to enter the highly competitive and intimidating alcohol industry. The nearly $30 billion industry, just for distilled spirits in the U.S. alone (, is primarily built up of privately held equity firms that own the majority of alcohol brands. New brands that accept the challenge to compete with the major brands struggle to get past the distributors, who practically control the industry.

Fortunately, Battiloro had a strategy that was outside the box and did not involve any of the major players in distribution – he was going to sell exclusively and directly to consumers online. Vavoom Vodka became the first vodka sold online. The timing could not have been better, since shortly after, COVID-19 drove business in every industry online. As major spirit brands scrambled to shift sales from their traditional distributor to retail sales to completely new online systems, Battiloro was already light-years ahead.

Obviously, with the extensive design process behind the bottle, branding is crucial for Vavoom. It tells the story of the vodka and sells the vodka, but the brand message goes beyond the beverage. Battiloro wanted the brand also to empower women, starting with the alcohol industry, which has been viewed as a man’s world in many aspects. Vavoom believes that physical beauty is just a complement to the overall picture and that it is essential to maximize a woman’s potential to be physically attractive, but also intellectually and emotionally intelligent. Vodka was just the start to launch the brand into different empowering efforts, including a clothing line, luxury handbag line, makeup line, and more. Vavoom has already extended to the Stai’ Bella collection, meaning “stay beautiful” in Italian.

Vavoom Vodka also has a charitable component called The Vavoom Fund, which is an incentive for customers to donate to the company’s cause of the month. When adding any Vavoom product to the online shopping cart, customers have a chance to learn about the on-profit partner and cause, and then, they can choose to add a two-dollar donation to the cart. Shoppers will receive a 10 percent off coupon code as a thank-you for donating.

Battiloro says, “At Vavoom, we take branding to the next level.” He adds, “We want not only our customers, but everyone to know instinctively what we represent as a company. We started with the simple goal of bringing not only a premium spirit to the marketplace, but building a rapport with customers, empowering them to live life to the fullest.”

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