QuanDot And Mone 2Much Silence Haters With The Release Of “Behind The Scenes”

The two Columbus, Ohio rappers QuanDot and Mone 2Much have been the topic of discussion the last few days with their newest release of “Behind The Scenes”. The project has been a testament to the two rappers’ journeys as rising rappers as they go from the beginning to stardom as they speak on a variety of topics.  

In the album, one of the topics they speak about is how they have many haters now due to their recent successes. With QuanDot and Mone 2Much gaining more and more traction, they have released their feelings about this in their lyrics “staying lowkey”. This allows them to focus on keeping the haters off of their path allowing them to create more music for their fans. 

Listen to the two rappers new album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/14qExHvVxRvAC2r4yOkrdp?si=ww2-FBapQdeGlUD9OH5QNg

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