Leon Howard Learned The Secret To Financial Success And Prosperity. Now, He Is Giving Back To The Black Community To Help Others Create Generational Wealth.

At an early age, Leon Howard saw entrepreneurship in two drastically different ways. On one hand, he saw his grandmother who owned a small store that serviced the community. On the other hand, he saw his mother earning her living hustling on the streets in New Orleans. Howard would eventually learn from both paths of entrepreneurship, albeit after following in his mother’s footsteps first. 

“I grew up in New Orleans where I saw entrepreneurship two ways. On one hand, I saw my grandmother who had her own fruit company that supplied fresh produce to multiple restaurants and grocery stores throughout New Orleans. On the other hand, I witnessed my mother who was getting money in the drug filled streets of the late 80s and early 90s. In 1995, the untimely passing of my grandmother forced me to move in with my mother who I lost shortly after to the prison system. At this point, my path of entrepreneurship was chosen for me.  At age 16, I began my 10 year prison sentence for attempted murder and armed robbery.” Recounts Leon.

During his time in prison, Leon was taught a valuable lesson by one of his fellow inmates. The inmate shared a piece of advice on how the wealthy acquire and maintain their wealth. This advice stuck with Leon every day through his sentence. Once he was released from prison, he used this advice and began investing his money wisely.

“While in prison, an inmate convicted of embezzlement told me something that would change my life forever. He explained how one of the wealthy build wealth through the stock market. Following the man’s advice, I spent the rest of my time in prison passionately studying the stock market and Wall Street. When I was released from prison, I got work as an ironworker and took most of my earnings and invested it. It wasn’t until I was acquitted on the possibility of facing a second prison term that I decided to retire from the streets and started playing a different game. Fast forward to today, I am using my knowledge to teach others financial freedom.” Says Leon.

Leon began his own business, From the Trap to Wall Street, which focuses on creating wealth in the black community. His goal is to educate underserved communities on creating generation wealth especially when those methods of wealth accumulation aren’t common place practices.

“From the Trap to Wall Street is a business dedicated to simplifying wealth creation and normalizing generational wealth for the black community through investing in the stock market. After being introduced  to how the wealthy played the wealth building game I came to realize that my community needed exposure to this type of knowledge.” States Leon.

Leon has faced many obstacles when beginning his business, overcoming his past proved to be the most difficult. After he faced another trial and the possibility of another 25 years in jail everything changed. With his fate in the hands of  the lawyer and jury, thankfully Howard was found innocent.

“The second time I was going to trial and looking at the possibility of doing 25 years. The reality of how far I had come and my fate being in someone else’s hands made me realize that if I didn’t change my life I would become what the world thought I was.” Explains Leon.

What pushes Leon to never give up? It is normalizing wealth in the black community. With so much stacked against the black community, Leon wanted to make sure that he did what he could to make a difference. Investing in the stock market can make all the difference in someone’s life and Leon wants to help guide people to that.

“Wealth in the black community needs to be normalized. Investing in the stock market is the greatest tool that introduces us to ownership, business, compound interest and passive income. All the things needed to build wealth. I aspire to push this mission until generational wealth is as common in our community as it is for other communities and cultures in the world.” Comments Leon.

To find out more about Leon Howard, you can follow him on Instagram @wall_street_trapper. You can find out more about his business, at www.wallstreettrapping.com.

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