Hi Jay, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

     Whassup yall! Thanks for having me! I’m doing amazing! Holding up in all of these crazy times to say the least. Staying busy but trying to keep my balance as well.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Last”?

     Yeah definitely! Personally, it’s one of my favorite songs because of the amount of time we put into it and because of the topic at hand. It’s also my first song with my good friends Saticöy which I’m pumped about because they are all amazing guys and crazy dope instrumentalists. I love to slow it down and get more personal at times and this is one of those tracks. I try to make sure people know I have an emotional side for sure.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

     The love of my life in particular.  She inspires a lot of my songs. It’s rare you’ll hear a song of mine where I don’t slip a reference of her or a memory of ours in a song. However, sometimes I like to really get deep and talk to her personally on a track. Especially, if the beat hits me emotionally just right with my light skin ways haha. But on a serious note, I’ve always known she would be my Last since the first moment we met, and this is a tune to put emphasis on that feeling for people. I knew it was over for me when we met each other back in 2017, and we been rocking ever since.   

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

     Ironic, because we actually just finished filming the video in Downtown Los Angeles, twelve floors up, a couple of weeks ago. So that would be a yes, for sure. I can’t wait for people to see it because it will definitely be a different visual from me. Saticöy was there to play the song as well for the video so it was just a crazy loft type of vibe. My guy @covell.rd also is an amazing director and videographer that shot the video, so the aesthetics of the visual definitely fit the mood of the song. No set date on the video yet but it won’t be too long!

How was the recording and writing process?

     Quite the process, let me tell ya. But not difficult at all haha. It was just one of my songs that is super detailed and we took a lot of time on. It started with my producer Tre Wright, JonnyAve (Bass player in Saticöy), and I in the studio one night earlier in the year. I asked if JonnyAve could come by the studio so we could get some strings for my upcoming album since he plays all types of strings. And the riff he started playing for me when he pulled up just caught me right away, and we were honestly done writing the song in a few hours right there in the studio. Tre and I knew with JonnyAve being a part of Saticöy that it would be dope if the rest of the band members added their own flavor to the track as well. So Derek Long did his thang with some strings and added a bridge that he wrote, which is crazy fire! My guy Tim added some smooth ass keys for us and Jaron came in clutch on the drums and production with the ear candies. 

What role does Stockton play in your music?

     Well it helped mold who I am yanno? I moved around a lot as a kid, from California to South Dakota to Ohio. But Stockton was where I was born and raised for quite some time until my teens.  So my early influences came from the West and the Bay Area. I’m always a 209 boy at heart, no doubt. Shout out to all my homies from The Mud.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

     Oh for sure! We just released a few songs before “Last”, and we are coming with at least two more singles before the actual project. But we are definitely done with creating the summer material and in release mode. We’re always making new music for the future seasons but this body of work is definitely something I am proud of. Nothing but hits. 

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

     For the release we are looking at mid September most likely, and as for the title we’ll be calling it Sunset Potions. We wanted to give this to our fans a lot earlier in the year but with everything that’s been going on we wanted it to also be received well, so we held off on releasing it. But Tre and I also have a lot more music and work to release in the near future, so we didn’t want to hold it for too long.  

Any plans to hit the road?

     Man, I can’t say right now. I definitely want to be able to hit the road and wish we could go to festivals to turn up and perform. But for now, it’s better if we all consider each other’s health and well-being I feel. I just pray and hope things get better in due time so that we can do those things that we all love doing outdoors in general.

What else is happening next in Jay Ham’s world?

     Sheesh, too much to even keep up with! Haha, Between music, modeling, and being a family man, there’s not much else I even want to take part in right now. My love and I just had our first baby last summer so I’m enjoying the whole father thing, but still trying to get the hang of multitasking it all. So one day at a time.


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