How Has The Coronavirus Pandemic Changed The Online Casino

These days, all the attention of the world press seems to be monopolized by a single theme: coronavirus in the country, coronavirus in the world, more cases, more deaths. The truth, the subject gives to worry; but, meanwhile, you stay at home, what a remedy, taking care of yours, thinking and looking for what to do with all this time out.

And since there is not a serious soccer game on TV (unless they are those reruns of classics from the Maradona era when the shorts were mounted almost where the thighs end), we do the usual: we take the mobile, We greet friends at the bar for the WhatsApp group, we check the mail (only spam) and social networks (more posts about the coronavirus), we look out the window and sigh.

However, among the various entertainment alternatives that you have for these tough moments of quarantine, we must not fail to mention the issue of online gambling. That’s right, even though physical casinos are closed due to restrictions that prohibit people from meeting in a closed (and also open) space, you can still play online.

As we understand that this, for the unfamiliar, can raise a series of questions: What games can we bet on? How do you gamble online? What are the best sites? Is the matter reliable? We will be answering some of these questions along the following lines.

The pre-digital casino

The idea of ​​the casino has changed a bit, since the first betting establishments began to emerge, to the flourishing of online casinos in the digital age. The Etymological Dictionary of the English language records the appearance of the word casino, perhaps in 1651, derived from Italian, a language in which it had a meaning equivalent to a small elegant house.

Although the first gambling establishments were far some of this, or rather, because often only was a table game where was the start and dice or cards were thrown, and during the eighteenth and especially nineteenth, games and Bets were made in a more elegant, or at least decent, place: they were an important part of the leisure activities within the so-called gentlemen’s clubs.

Most of the games that still exist today date from this time. However, it is necessary to clarify that the cards in the deck, French or European, are slightly older, as well as the dice. At that time, the casino had not yet become independent from the club, as it would later. Access to them was even more restricted than now: only gentlemen, members of the club, no women (the women were already inside, waiting).

With the 20th century, the era of large and glittering casinos, where everything is a luxury of lights and a waste of decoration, to attract gamblers like bees to honey. That is the idea that we have of casinos, and that has become popular with movies, set in places where gambling is life itself: Atlantic City or Las Vegas (in the United States), Montecarlo, Baden-Baden, where the famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoiewski went bankrupt and lost everything by playing, to later write one of the most immortal works on the subject of gambling: The player.

The online casino

The world of online casinos can be a little intimidating and even complicated for those who are not familiar with the matter. What does it take to become an online casino gambler? In reality, almost nothing, little: just a few euros; it is the sea of ​​simple. That’s it, the game itself is not difficult. If you take, for example, slot machines, called by us slot machines, you should be able to distinguish between Wild and Scatter symbols and understand what a progressive jackpot is. Each category in the casino world includes its own specific terminology, and to understand the game; you need to understand the language used even in sport betting sites like 10cric casino.

Slot machines

One of the most popular games in online casinos is definitely these slot machines (although we no longer introduce coins now, not in the physical sense). The advantage of slot machines is that they are very easy to use since you only have to wait for the same figures or a wild card to appear between so many turns, which would allow you to win large real money games.

Some types of slot machines can be very complex, sometimes with 3-4-5-4-3 grids, and others can come with reels that expand when the bonus game is activated. But, as a starting point, a slot machine with a 5×3 reel grid is recommended, often considered the classic grid, perfect for you to take your first steps in the world of online casinos.

Blackjack online

Another good option is to play blackjack online. The blackjack is one of the most popular and appreciated games by most players, both physical and online casinos. Incidentally, it is thought that this may be a variant of the Spanish game known as 21, quite old (mentioned even by Cervantes in one of his novels). The blackjack is to get a hand on the sum of the value of cards as close as possible to 21, closer to the hand of the bank, but without exceeding the referred figure, because you will have lost.

Online poker

Another fairly popular and attractive game is poker; It is not only played in online casinos. There are many places where you can play poker, even without having to gamble. Of course, these sites cannot be properly called casinos. While you will not lose anything by entering them, you cannot win more than a few games and thereby increase your personal ego—nothing else.

Online Casino Reviews

In general, in this world of online casinos, you can move as easily as if you were in a physical casino. You just have to adjust the bets, the audio of the games, choose the one of preference: the one that you think is fun or promises to win more real money games. In short, you can customize according to taste (as if it were your own mobile), in the same way, choose the online casino without leaving home. Speaking of this topic, it is time to talk about online casino reviews, a very important topic for various reasons.

The casino reviews are objective and with accurate information provided by various Internet sites in order to give the user an idea of what you can expect and find an online casino.

Why is this important or necessary for online casinos?

Because before you have to enter a site like an online casino and even see what it has to offer, you must register, and by registering, you are leaving your personal information many times, with all the risks that this entails.

Another reason, beyond this issue of the security of your data, is also the need for users to find, quickly and, above all, precisely what they require from a site. In other words, if you are attracted to roulette and not to slot machines, you will not want to find out, after you have registered, that there are precisely no roulettes on that site. Especially when in many places you have to make a deposit or payment for such registration.

The third important point in this of the casino reviews has to do with the possible scams to which we may be subjected if we enter dubious sites; Casino reviews prevent gamblers from falling into dishonest operations. Continuing on the subject of the advantages of casino reviews, there is also the information they provide regarding:

  • variety and type of games, if they are cross-platform, of devices
  • payment methods and systems
  • how is the return to the user
  • what bonuses do they offer
  • special offers and promotions
  • restrictions and limitations
  • opinions users have about the site
  • legality, that is, if the website in question has the approval of the country’s authority (if it were not an approved site, it is not worth investing in, since if they close it, you will lose what you have earned or invested)

The casino reviews can offer you all these listed things and much more, which are available on different sites.

What online gamblers should expect

For several years now, online gambling sites have been gaining more and more followers, both for online casino games and e-sports betting: it is a huge market that has exploded and will continue to exploit. And at this time in which the pandemic has practically caused a paralysis of the economy in many countries, forcing a drastic modification of customs and behaviors in everyday life, few sectors remain active, casinos being one of these, providing excellent alternative entertainment and, why not, a chance to win some euros.

Very important is, of course, to avoid strange, fraudulent sites, as we already pointed out. The issue of security is vital in online gaming, hence the need for the casino as mentioned above reviews, which a guide for the online gambler is always. It is not something that, apart from being quarantined, you are left bare: locked up and without pasta.

To conclude, online casinos should provide not only excellent treatment to their users, but also be safe sites that comply with the legal measures established by the corresponding authorities and induce them to play responsibly. So, we invite you to bet, to have fun, but without compromising your future and that of your children. In this sense, we want to finish with one of the main commandments of the bettor: never bet something that you are going to need. Luck.

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