Everything you need to know about Gin

People are addicted to some addictions. Some people are smoke addicts, while others are alcohol addicts. Gin is a type of alcoholic drink that is an addiction to the majority of the people. The most dominant gin flavor is derived from berries known as juniper berries. Gin is a most commonly available alcoholic drink which is available in several flavors, styles, and the origin of Gin may vary. However, juniper is the common ingredient of several gin types.

People can find Gin all over the world; still, now people are not sure what makes Gin an amazing drink.

People need to know the essentials of Gin. Some of the things which you need to know about Gin are as follows.

Gin ingredients

Gin consists of a list of ingredients. Some of the most common gin ingredients are as follows.

Here are some of the most common gin ingredients.

  • Juniper berries
  • Cucumber
  • Black pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Orange
  • Coriander
  • Angelica Root
  • Lemon

Types of Gin

Gin is not a single term as there are many types of Gin. Multiple types of Gin have made it difficult to guess which type is the best Gin.

  1. London Dry Gin

London dry gin is the most commonly available gin type. It was first originated in old London. But it would be wrong to say that London Dry Gin is only from London.

  1. Dutch Gin

This is another type of Gin that is different from other types of Gin. Other gins are made by mixing cereal grains; on the other hand, Dutch Gin is made by combining malt grains. The mixing of malt grains makes it dark in color and rich in flavor. 

  1. Old Tom Gin 

Old Tom Gin is somewhat similar to London Dry Gin. It is considered that it is slightly between Genever and London Dry Gin.

Uses of Gin

Gin is mainly an alcoholic drink, but you can use Gin for many other purposes. Some of the surprising uses of Gin are as follows.

  1. As a mouthwash

A person needs to wash his mouth to freshen it after having some martinis drinks. In such situations, people often use peppermint mouthwashes. Some people cannot bear the flavor of artificial peppermint. Gin can be a great alternative to regular mouthwash.

  1. As a foot wash

As you can use Gin as a mouthwash, another surprising sue of Gin is as a foot wash. It can reduce the stinky smell efficiently.

  1. To make pickles 

By adding a couple of drops of Gin into your pickle can enhance the flavor of a pickle.

  1. Medicinal purposes

Another significant use of Gin is in medicinal fields. Scientists experimented with Gin’s uses in medical fields, and they were surprised to know that when Gin is mixed with lemon, it can help cure scurvy. 

These were some of the uses and benefits of using Gin, which can inspire you to use Gin to fix your daily life issues. 

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