Custom Lapel Pins that impress in every respect

Embossed pins with soft enamel are the right production technology for the majority of all pin projects due to their high product quality with brilliant enamel colors and inexpensive production.

The production of your soft enamel custom lapel pins starts with the embossing of your company logo or club emblem into an iron blank and a subsequent die cut. The result is a metal pin with recessed metal surfaces for later color inlays, surrounded by raised metal bars. According to the production template, the recesses are now designed with high-quality soft enamel. The use of individual color mixtures ensures the exact implementation of any desired special color. The visible metal bars and surfaces between individual color inlays receive a uniform metal finish.

For a perfect finish of the badge, the optional high-gloss sealing of the surface using an epoxy resin coating is recommended. This guarantees a permanently shiny and smooth surface.

Soft enamel pins without epoxy coating

Soft enamel in general

The ‘Soft-Enamel’ finishing process is one of the embossed pins due to the way it is produced. At the start of production, the respective motif is transferred to an iron blank, through which the motif is embossed on the carrier plates. This creates metal surfaces that can be filled with color inlays.

Soft enamel with and without epoxy resin

In the standard production in soft enamel, the pin is given an epoxy resin coating in the last production step, which seals the surface, whereby the metal surfaces are no longer noticeable. However, this coating can also be deliberately dispensed with.

Why not use epoxy resin?

  • The different metal levels of the pin can be felt.
  • Especially with individually colored metal, the pin appears even more individual without an epoxy resin coating and the contours appear stronger
  • The Pantone colors come into their own very well

How can it be that your pin cannot be produced as a pure embossing?

This is the question many customers ask themselves who want a high-quality, embossed pin for their coat of arms or their company logo and we have to briefly weaken this wish.

Pins as goodies

Different ways of branding through pins

Pins can be used in a variety of ways. Many of the custom pins are used at club ceremonies, distributed as gifts to guests at weddings, or sold as design pins. Another option is to use pins as advertising media to convey the brand message – this can be done in three different ways.

Different ways to convey the brand message with pins to the outside

  • The pin as a sales item: You offer your customers pins with your advertising message, which they can purchase
  • The pin as a gift item: You use the pins as free goodies and distribute them to your customers and potential new customers
  • The pins as a goodie or as a promotional item: As in point two, you give your customers an individual pin and link this to a minimum purchase of your product or to a specific period

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