Vigilante finds the JeeJuh producers and makes history with Epistra and Chris Ray

November 2014 Vigilante stumbles across a group of the most talented producers in the world. This group goes by Jee Juh. They are a collection of multiple diverse producers who collaborate on productions and sell productions individually as well. Vigilante is a fan of all their individual productions as well as collaborative efforts. One producer out of the group he seems to take a liking for the most and that’s Epistra (E). E was a very talented producer who’s a style of production mirrored Vigilante’s own. Heavy in strings, piano, build-up, and emotional appeal. E also often worked with a singer by the name of Chris Ray. Chris would sing on the hooks of E’s production even before the beats were sold. Some beats were sold even with Chris’s vocals on them. Chris and E made a very good team. For someone like Vigilante who does not spend a lot of time in the studio due to his patient creating style it very rare to have multiple collaborations with him. E may be the first producer and Chris the first single to have 4 undeniable hits with Vigilante. Stalking Me, Find Me, I Can’t Breathe, and lastly Die For You. Thou this was not done on purpose it was no mistake.

The jee Juh team often had contest open to the public who created music using their beats. The contest would entail the artist shooting a music video to the song they created, placing it on youtube, and the Jee Juh team judging in the house who had the best visual and song combination. The winner would win select prizes. Vigilante had no plans of releasing Die For You so early but when the contest caught his attention he knew it was time. Just meeting the Jee Juh team he was very unsure of how much reach their name had and how many people would be involved in this contest but he would soon find out. November 28th Die For You hit youtube and shot straight to the number 1 song in the contest. Directed by Chris Martin Blair who also shot the music video too I Can’t Breathe. The contest lasted nearly a month and everyday Vigilante saw the numbers shoot sky high as people commented left and right about how great the song was. Even the Jee Juh producers found themselves in the comments congratulating Vigilante on such a great composition. Vigilante did not win the competition but he gained a whole new fan base and went on to have a great career.

July 12, 2020 TIARA MONROE finds herself in the same comment section as the fans Vigilante gained back in 2014 only instead of commenting under the youtube visual she decided to post on her blog saying this:


Vigilante released his single and visual for Die For You directed by Chris Martin Blair who also shot the music video too I Can’t Breathe. In this song, he raps on living through the struggle and focusing on making it through the night and a positive change wearing a black in white shirt topped with multiple gold chains and an all-gold luxury watch with a black background and a thick cloud of rising smoke along with rain giving us amazing vibes. In the single, his smooth vocals are relatable and touching as he raps. My music is defining me. I’m black, and they are reminding me I’m trying to start a dynasty. At the end of the visual, Vlad Tv speaks on respecting the previous generation that laid the foundation before the new age. This visual and song is dope make sure you check out his single/video Die For You now streaming on all platforms.~

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