Do you need a permit to build a container home?

A building permit is required for major real estate works, therefore for constructions exceeding 20m². Below this volume, it is possible to be satisfied with a simple declaration of work. Once the beneficiary has obtained his permit, he is authorized to begin the work. The start of these must, however, be formalized by a declaration of the opening of the site. In fact, a building permit remains valid for two years after its drafting.

In some cases, the individual may request an extension which, if effective, will allow him to keep his license for an additional year. If the work begins and then stops for a variety of reasons, this break should not last more than a year, under penalty of having to apply for a new building permit.

Building permit: steps to take

Although long (generally allow 2 months to obtain the permit, in some municipalities, we have already had much shorter deadlines, of the order of 3 weeks), the procedure aimed at obtaining a permit to build is relatively simple. We can also note that the intervention of an architect or a project manager is not compulsory for construction of less than 170 m².

In the first place, the filing of the application must be deposited at the town hall by the owner of the property for build a container home. Usually, the manufacturer will take care of it directly. This request is in the form of a duly completed file in which you will find several administrative forms, the plan of the facades, a master plan but also a copy of the cadastre.

Of course, several documents will also be devoted to the land as such so that it is possible to visualize the construction in its future setting.

The procedure for applying for a building permit

The request for a building permit will be studied by the town hall’s town planning department, which will give its response within two months (or more in the event of a complex file). If the file submitted to the town hall is incomplete, the missing documents must be requested within thirty days of submission.

Once the request is accepted, the appeal period is an additional two months. During this period, neighbors, residents, and the prefect can appeal if the characteristics of the decree are declared incorrect.

The concrete footing

In addition to being self-supporting, a container house is a simple and quick house to build, like its foundations, which are not synonymous with heavy work. If several possibilities are available to future owners, they will be able to turn to the side of foundations with concrete footings which are the most classic but also the most superficial.

Commonly used in real estate construction, these footings may or may not be reinforced concrete. There are generally several types: the continuous footing (located under load-bearing walls), the stepped footing (for sloping terrain), and the insulated footing (which is placed in a specific way, under a post for example).

The technique of concrete pads is much less common and above all more complicated than the concrete footing, but this method is particularly practical in the case of container houses. Concrete pedestals are simply in the form of small pillars that can be circular or rectangular.

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