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Top 5 Benefits of Learning A Musical Instrument in Singapore

Learning a musical instrument does not only add a feather in your cap, but it has a lot of benefits attached to it. Deciding on the instrument to play and the music school to teach you is crucial in the musical instrument learning journey. Based in Singapore, the LVL Music Academy offers top quality music lessons from a team of professionally trained music teachers to students of all ages. The school also has a wide array of high-quality hand-crafted instruments that students can have the option to rent or buy. The LVL Music Academy makes sure that each professional music teacher is assigned to specific students to develop individual capabilities.

Learning a musical instrument not only develops musical skills but improves many qualities of a person. Read on to know the many wondrous benefits learning a musical instrument can bring.

Helps build confidence

When learning a musical instrument, there will come the point in your musical journey that you will have to perform for someone, be it your music teacher, your parents, or a crowd of strangers. Playing in front of an audience builds confidence and helps a person express himself. Developing confidence and self-esteem is a vital skill applied in other aspects, aside from performing music.

Promotes physicality and coordination

Playing certain instruments such as the drums, violin, or piano requires coordination of the hands, arms, and feet’ movements. Learning these instruments at an early age develops motor skills and coordination. Most musical instruments, the cello, for example, require correct posture and a high-level of hand-eye coordination.

Encourages discipline and patience

Learning how to play a musical instrument needsmany hours of daily practice and a lot of focus to produce great music. It can be quite challenging to start to learn a musical instrument because you must exert equal effort and time to beautiful and frustrating parts of your music. Learning to play a musical instrument develops a ton of patience in children by learning how to wait for their turn to perform. In learning a musical instrument, you will also discover that there is no shortcut to achieve your goal.

Gain knowledge of other cultures

Different kinds of music come from various cultures. Learning to play a musical instrument introduces the country’s culture and history where the instrument is from. Playing the violin teaches you classical music, which originated from European countries such as Italy, France, and Germany. Percussion instruments, like the bongo drums, are of African and Cuban descent.

Relieves stress and enjoyable

Learning a musical instrument can be a very enjoyable hobby, which can be a satisfying occupation for your time. It helps stimulate the brain, which releases hormones that can make you feel happy and lower the levels of stress hormones. Playing classical music is even believed to relax the mind as well as the body.

Learning to play a musical instrument is also a satisfying feat, but the numerous benefits you can get from it and the others who will hear your music will be more of the reward.

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