Three things you need to know about AC and DC

As we all know currents are of two types and both of them have their own characteristics. We have heard about many differences in these two types of current but here is the [simplest way through which you can understand them. As referred through the name DC gives the power as direct current and AC provide the current which is alternative. 

This is something which we all are aware of before. However, there are three things which make them different from each other in this way. They are structure, voltage and the usage. On the basis of these three they can easily be differentiated. Here, in this article we will talk about these three things to make things clear for you in future. 

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Structural difference

Are you wondering what the major structural difference in these two? 

  • Flow through coil: The Alternative current (AC) flows through some fixed coil and a moving magnet however in DC there is no such coil or magnet which makes the flow of current. This shows that the reason why DC is a direct current.
  • The parts of both direct current generator and Alternative current generator consist of armature coil along with the commutator however, their working and placement may differ. 
  • Also, they both have brushes in them which helps in connecting the commutator and the circuit.

Voltage difference

How far the voltage is concerned, both of the current have some difference in that. It can make them unique from each other. The difference is linked with the capacity of that voltage. 

  • The AC generator produces a high voltage on the other hand, DC generates a relatively lesser voltage.
  • The voltage of AC is between 50 or 60 Hz. It also varies in the amplitude and time. 
  • The voltage of DC is constant and gives output frequency of zero.

Usage difference 

  • As we all know the fact that Ac generators is used for small amount of power generation like in offices or homes. They can be used from different form of electrical appliances like the Vacuum cleaners, Refrigerators, Juicers, electrical fixtures, Food Mixers and the Dishwashers. It shows that AC generation can be used for transportation across long distances in an easy way.
  • Dc generator is used to power very large electric motors for such purposes including the Subway systems, it can be used with battery charge banks for mobile and off-grid uses, also in the flashlight, Hybrid and electric vehicles and the Flat-screen TVs. It is due to the reason that DC generator being a reliable source provides an efficient energy supply in this usage.

In conclusion we can say that both the current have their own properties which make them unique and useful from own another. Both have qualities in their own kinds and cannot be replaced. AC and DC provides specific amount of energy according to the need of the electric appliance. This is why both are essential for usage in both industrial as well as the daily activities of the people.

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