Reaching Your Full Potential with Kathleen Cameron’s Diamond Academy

Many of us believe that some people are born with greater abilities and capabilities. It’s hard not to imagine that we each have varying degrees of potential, and this is especially true as we age and are indoctrinated with certain beliefs. Falling into this would be a dangerous mistake. Kathleen Cameron of Diamond Academy fully believes that each of us have the same amount of potential; an infinite amount, in fact. Kathleen works with Bob Proctor, and the lesson that strongly resonates with her is how self-image has a direct impact on your life.

She says, “Every single person is able to achieve anything in life and has the same amount of potential within them.” She has made it her mission to help people realize that potential, and to live a life transmitting it.  The primary focus of the Diamond Academy is the realization that we are each in control – that we are our own creators of our path and journey.

Kathleen and the Diamond Academy specialize in releasing the pain of the past and looking to the future with optimism. This includes overcoming emotional blocks, grasping best opportunities for you to take advantage of, and creating a plan on how to make your dreams come true. The Diamond Academy uses these steps to pave the way to living with more meaning, making more money, and tapping into your purpose. The Diamond Academy has also been able to help people who have been laid off due to COVID-19 to find financial success.

Kathleen knows how powerful the mind truly is, and how mindset can lead to loss and to success. For many years, Kathleen was a nurse, precisely because of her desire to help people. As a nurse, she began to realize just how powerful the mind is and how your thinking impacts every aspect of your life.

“My role is to help people realize all the innate possibilities within themselves and bring them to the surface. I have recently started to see just how big my influence can be, from helping one patient at a time, to inspiring thousands to help themselves through trainings, webinars, and books.” She has shifted away from helping people to become physically healthy, and instead mentally and emotionally healthy and happy. A key part of that is to use her influence in helping people to realize and become the best version of themselves and to achieve their goals.

While being a nurse was the first step to helping others, Kathleen acknowledges that being a mother is what helped her understand how powerful of an influence people can have over one another. Her girls’ belief systems and values are shaped by what Kathleen does and says. So, Kathleen uses this understanding in Diamond Academy to influence “others to step into their greatness and go after what they WANT, not what they think they CAN achieve.”

Diamond Academy and Kathleen are here for you to achieve what you never thought possible – all with a caring hand and a positive attitude.

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