Power Move Marketing Helps You Stay Ahead of the Curve

Power Move Marketing is an innovative digital marketing solution for companies who want to go the next level. Their mission is help you stay ahead of the curve through unique marketing strategies and content. Their team–composed of eight brilliant women–works hard in order to keep all your marketing mediums cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and effective. They will be in charge of running your marketing scheme from the ground up, including content creation.

The company was founded by Hailey Brooke McFadden when she realized sports broadcasting was not for her. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Film Studies and a Master of Science in Management from the Wake Forest School of Business. Before she started her graduate studies, McFadden did sideline reporting for ESPN for smaller professional and semi-professional teams. During this time, she noticed men surrounding sports broadcasting were making her experience harder and less fun. It was then she fell in love with digital marketing, founded her own company, and went on to collaborate with other professional women who wanted the work to be enjoyable for everyone.

While in graduate school, McFadden began private consulting for some companies who encouraged her to start her own marketing company. Due to the success with those clients, she went on to found Power Move Marketing to help companies reach their full potential. Her main goal–which she set as her company’s purpose–is to help smaller brands be more professional, reach more people, and increase sales. As a former D1 volleyball player, she uses her athletic drive and competitive nature to get her clients the success they deserve.

When creating her team, Hailey Brooke McFadden hired content creators, account managers, and writers from prestige universities and broad experience. They spend their time seeking out new ways to bring businesses to the next level to grow their brand. According to them, “creativity, dedication, and drive keep us going, and every single project we have gets our full attention.” They offer social media management, email campaign marketing, eCommerce consulting, ambassador program management, content creation, social media ads, and public relations.

The great advantage Power Move Marketing offers is their work with companies in different industries. McFadden now has over 20K Instagram followers proving she has the knowledge and expertise to use social media to connect with others. She brings this experience to her business and helps her clients connect with a much broader audience. Like this, they actively help manage and create the digital marketing strategy of numerous companies.

If you are looking to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and successful digital marketing strategy, you should work with Power Move Marketing. This group of content creators, web designers, social media managers, and account managers strives to shape a brand into being cohesive, unique, and consistent. Their hard work and dedication will help you achieve your goals and reach success. Hailey Brooke McFadden is the prime example of this.

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