Interview: Ryan Shakes

Hello Ryan Shakes! How are you?

I’m doing pretty well how about you?

What is your occupation?

My name is Ryan Shakes I am a Social media personality and Entrepreneur, founder of ShakeyFam. I enjoy creating video content to millions of people and it is a passion of mine. And it is really awesome and happy with my occupation.

Who was one person that helped you to get to where you are today?

Me, myself, and I, growing up I didn’t really have much support of anyone encouraging me in my family. It wasn’t until I tapped into myself and decided that no matter what I hear or what anybody said that I get where I am heading.

What is your next big move?

Top secret ting man can’t say… Haha but nah next big move will be legendary so can’t really say. But what I will say is that I will be posting on social media really soon, I been inactive about to go on for 2 months now. 

How do you build your clients trust?

How do I build clients trust is just simply by putting myself into their shoes. What is it that I believe they would like you to know. And from there make the improvements I can over time, but again nothing is perfect and you can’t please everybody.

What separates you from other competitors?

From my competitors, I definitely will say this and that is that I do know what is going on because I study the game with what I am in. Because I am a practitioner in my craft so I got to know the details. But I mind my business-building my et cetera, I’m inspired by a few but my mind really drives itself like Tesla. And the reason for that is because I always knew I had a little something extra.

What is one milestone you want to hit before you retire?

I have many milestones but I would say one is to leave a legacy. Let people see that no matter how bad you fall to just keep coming back up and not giving up! 

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