Breast augmentation: Boosting boobs and self-confidence in women

Singapore has always been seen a city which is well known for being very closed in their view of the world. Once avoided and generally discussed about in pantry chats, there are now young women dedicating full blogs or Facebook to covering their cosmetic enhancements. With the growing popularity alongside the straightforward openness of medical aesthetic treatments in Singaporeans, recent research reveal that a mainstream acceptance among people towards cosmetic enhancements in this wealthy nation. A key component of the reason for the expansion in this field is the advancement of medtech. Long healing periods are no longer inevitable and there can be medical aesthetic treatments performed as rapidly as 15 minutes. The globalised commodity of convenience has now landed on the cosmetic enhancements scene, and women are celebrating every second of this.

Breast Implant

It is unsurprising that many women around us think of breast augmentation as the most straightforward channel to boost their breast size. Asian females usually have smaller bust sizes and would desire that their boobs are bigger.

A bust enhancement process can be done in a few ways. Silicone bust enlargement is thought as the most prevalent technique around. Do not bank on breast surgery to be easily affordable! A boob job is a technical surgery and only specially trained surgical experts are capable enough to perform it.


Singapore has very strong and tight regulations maintained by MOH to regulate aesthetic surgery. If you are who are considering getting boob augmentation in Singapore, be prepared to shell out at no less than 13 grand sing dollars for a top surgeon. This might rise up to $22,000, determined by your choice of plastic surgeon, brand and technical requirements.

This article on The Look Book details an actual breast augmentation surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery

The majority of women in Southeast Asia prefer being double eyelids. To a certain degree, females may try to skillfully mimic double eyelids through non-medical means. Still, there are available means to secure double eyelids for the long term by seeking the help of a plastic surgeon.

Blepharoplasty is done is considered a comparatively simple  treatment that comprises of creating a double layer by means of making incisions on and sewing together eyelids. The size of the flap of the eyelid determines how big the patient’s eyes look and is totally personal and down to one’s inclination.

Due to it being a non-difficult aesthetic procedure, it should take a trained plastic doctor no longer than 30 minutes to finish.

New PICO laser

PICO lasers are now seen amid the most popular aesthetic searches on the internet. When applied in aesthetic treatments, picosecond lasers have been proven effective in the removal of tattoos and pigmentations in skin.  In Singapore, picolasers are most frequently requested to remove freckles and tattoos.

By discharging pulses of laser in picoseconds, pico lasers can completely destroy dark spots or pigmentations on the human skin layers. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. The intensity of the picolaser makes it a controlled treatment that only recognised healthcare professionals may provide in Singapore. Pico lasers treatments are known for how time efficient they are, and only take around 30 to 60 minutes. Some redness at the site of treatment can be observed after a pico laser treatment session. This normally resolves within 24 hours of the treatment.  Outlay for a pico laser session can differ greatly; taking a number of considerations such as size of the targeted area, from $500-$1100 every session.

Pimple Scar Removal

Acne scars are not all the same. Multiple types can show on the same person. Scars that form as a result of acne are considered amongst the most difficult skin-related problems to fully handle, simply because of the many possible different subtypes of acne scarring, with each with its own recommended treatment. To further complicate the things, difficulty of variables considered during the removal protocols is additionally compounded because of the fact that each and every person’s skin sports unique characteristics that could possibly sway the intended result of the course of treatment. There exist multiple different acne scar types and it needs a highly experienced dermatologist to accurately advise on how they should be treated.

It should be noted that the several types of acne scars are dissimilar structurally as well. Because of this, each type of scar caused by acne will produce different results with the same procedure. The best way to treat acne scarring is for the dermatologist to firstly determine the every form of scars the patient has before administering a custom combination treatment method. Consult your trusted aesthetics or skin clinic for a bespoke plan to resolve the scars that affect you. Generally recommended treatments for acne scar healing encompass, but aren’t limited to – various laser treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, and also dermal fillers with the goal at reducing acne scarring. Costs, Low to moderate severity: $2000-$3750, High severity: $3500-$7300

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