How PMP Training Could Enhance Your Career

Any credible certification is an investment of time and money. There are many things to consider before getting certified. Which certification is right for you? Is PMP Certification worth it? Will PMP certification improve your employment chances? All these are the questions that need to be answered before you undergo certification training.

When it comes to PMP certification, it is a well-known fact that it is excellent for a career in project management. As the industry keeps on growing, there will always be a demand for competent project managers. There is no doubt that a PMP certified professional will have plenty of job opportunities. You not only get more employment chances; your compensation is likely to increase as well. That itself is a justification to get PMP certification.

The competitive edge of PMP

In the project management world, more and more people are enrolling in certification courses to improve their resume. A certification like PMP and PSM helps add immense value to your CV and also demonstrates proof of your commitment. This separates you from your uncertified peers. Having a credible certification is always considered to be a huge advantage by both recruiters and candidates.

PMP is one of the most reputed certifications in the domain of project management. A lot of professionals nowadays are looking to get PMP certified and it is not surprising, given the competitive edge it provides.

How does PMP certification help with employment opportunities?

  1. Gives your resume a boost

PMP certification is recognized all across the world. It is known to have challenges which an individual must overcome to get certified. If you get through these challenges, you show employers that you are willing to dedicate your time and effort and be committed to a cause. In particular, if you are a relative beginner in the project management field, this certification adds significant value to your resume. Even if you are a veteran with a great track record, the certification takes your career to the next level. In a lot of cases, recruiters narrow down their pool of candidates by looking at certifications.

There will always be numerous applicants for a job and your resume needs to stand out for it to be selected. While filtering candidates, a lot of recruiters divide resumes into those of candidates with certifications and the ones without any certification. In some cases, recruiters even prefer PMP certification over a master’s degree. Of course, the importance of a master’s degree cannot be understated but a PMP certification shows that you have passed rigorous criteria. The certification comes from the Project Management Institute, which is a thoroughly recognized national project management authority.

To earn a PMP credential, you need to undergo training with high-level and extensive industry exposure for your projects. Industries that are highly regulated such as financial services, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals may not even consider a candidate to be employable if he/she doesn’t have PMP certification. Such industries value PMP since it demonstrates your ability to abide by strictly defined processes when overseeing sensitive and regulated projects.

  1. Gets you acquainted to a common global language

Apart from improving your career opportunities, PMP training also makes you proficient in a standard project management language that is globally accepted. This language is used by executive and project managers all over the world. The training exposes you to project segments that you might not have articulated previously, including project goals, assumptions made, necessary resources, operational constraints for stakeholders, and the risks taken.

The training for PMP is a time-tested framework that helps in promoting effective communication. If you prove your ability to identify the problems and solve them, you automatically become a preferable candidate for employers.

On a level playing field, knowledge of the PMP language allows for easier communication with vendors and clients. When you use the common language, there is no longer the need for explanation and giving examples. Even the brainstorming sessions become easier, quicker, and more productive.

  1. Certified Project Managers are always in high demand

Project managers are likely to be in high demand throughout the existence of the human enterprise. If you are a credible enough project manager, there are plenty of jobs in the market. In the IT industry itself, around 40% of the executives have intentions of hiring project management professionals.

The method for handling projects is changing constantly. Hence, any company that addresses these issues requires standard and formal project management methods. With new digital markets and industries being formed, there is expected to be an exponential growth of new projects. These are the reasons why project management professionals will remain in high demand for a long time in India and all over the world.

  1. Get opportunities for networking

When you get the PMP certification, you become a member of the Project Management Institute. A PMI membership will introduce you to a world of certified project managers. There are thousands of PMP certified members across the world, with more and more people getting certified each year.

The PMP also stages frequent meetings in major metropolitan cities where members can congregate to network and learn more about the industry. Attending these meetings will also help a PMP certified professional to earn Professional Development Units, which are required for renewing their certification.

There is a huge scope of fresh employment opportunities during these networking sessions. There is usually time allotted during these meetings for members to put forth the employment opportunities available at their respective organizations.

Not just meetings, you can interact and connect through many other offline and online resources. It allows you to build communities, get updated on the latest developments in the project management world, and explore new career opportunities.

  1. Rigorous audit process makes you more employable

To give the PMP exam, all aspirants are required to fulfil a few prerequisites. This includes certain hours of experience depending on your educational qualification. If you have the PMP certification in your resume, potential employers will know that you have good work experience for validating your skills.

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